The Bay Area’s Leading Tibetan Buddhism Bookstore, Dharma Publishing Announces It’s 20% Off Holiday Sale

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Enter the store and be greeted by the scent of aromatic incense made from medicinal herbs from the Himalayas. Offering hand-made malas and jewelry of semi-precious stones, luxurious hand bags of brocade, silk, linen and cotton, as well as several sizes of singing bowls hammered from 5 precious metals.

For readers, they offer introductions to meditation and yoga, traditional Buddhist texts, books on Tibetan art and culture, and delightful, inspiring Asian folk tales for the young, including guidance for parents and teachers. In the store find CDs with teachings and music as well as DVDs for learning Tibetan yoga.

The Dharma Publishing bookstore offers high quality Tibetan sacred art, ranging from beautiful mandala cards to posters, matted giclée prints, and large, exquisite thankas in bamboo frames or Tibetan brocade. Dharma sells superb gold-plated mini-stupas and walnut mini-stupas as well as other well-crafted objects for any alter. The prayer flags range from strings of 5, 15 or 25 small Windhorse flags to large silk-screened Gesar flags made of strong denier nylon, which lasts for years. The buckwheat-filled meditation cushions and mats, a beautiful line called Enjoy™ and handmade in the USA, come in several sizes and shapes, with the choice of 11 vibrant and inspiring colors.

As an added bonus, the money spent here goes toward replenishing libraries in monasteries and nunneries throughout Tibet, India, Nepal, Sikiim, and Bhutan. As part of Dharma Publishing’s non-profit mission proceeds from product sales support the Yeshe De Text Preservation project, which prints sacred texts for distribution to monasteries and nunneries at the Annual World Peace Ceremony in Bodh Gaya, India, one of the 8 Great Holy Places of Buddhist pilgrimage and the site of the Buddha’s Enlightenment.

Gift Ideas from Dharma Publishing

Crystal Mirror 9: Holy Places of the Buddha “In walking in the footsteps of the Buddha, the pilgrim experiences, however briefly, the thrust toward enlightenment that gives rise to an endless procession of Buddhas.” For the spiritual traveler and history buff on your holiday list, check out Crystal Mirror 9: Holy Places of the Buddha. This newly revised edition now includes over 50 full color photos of Buddhist pilgrimage sites. A comprehensive guide to the eight central places of Buddhist pilgrimage in India, based on rare traditional sources and unique traveler’s journals, Holy Places will make for a unique, and inspiring gift.You will read about modern archeological research on the remaining artistic styles and monuments, always cognizant of the spiritual vision and stories from the Buddha’s life and the history of the Sangha. This book shows the major centers of Buddhism in ancient India as seen through the eyes of pilgrims in past and present: it describes the rediscovery of this ancient heritage and what travelers can see today. It opens our eyes to how valuable and vital the sacred sites still are. (Crystal Mirror Series, Volume IX)

Enjoy™ Meditation Cushions Gift the gift of comfort and inspiration this year with an Enjoy™ meditation cushion! Enjoy™ meditation cushions and mats are a perfect gift for this holiday season.The Dharma Publishing staff created Enjoy™ to offer superior quality meditation cushions that inspire and support practice. For seasoned meditators or those just curious to see what the meditation buzz is all about, Enjoy™ has something to offer. Choose from 11 lush colors and a variety of cushion and mat styles to find the best fit this holiday season.

Skillful Means: Patterns for Success

“Work is the natural human response to being alive, our way of participating in the universe. Work allows us to make full use of our potential…through work we can use our energy wisely so that all of our actions are fruitful and rich. It is our nature as human beings to be satisfied and fulfilled.” Tarthang Tulku, Skillful Means

Beginning with the observation that “for many people today, work is losing its meaning…this dissatisfaction is not limited to certain profession, backgrounds, or beliefs, but subtly pervades every aspect of work,” Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku offers theory and practices for transforming the workplace into a dynamic realm of personal development. At once practical and profound, Skillful Means offers an honest, accessible analysis of work and its potential for human development. Included in this volume are 24 practices for developing a new view of “work” that is sure to challenge and reward anyone who earnestly applies them.

About Dharma Publishing Dharma Publishing is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to preserving the culture of Tibetan Buddhism while contributing to the Western understanding of mind, well-being and human potential. We have a wonderful bookstore in Berkeley and we do events and lectures, book launchings, and promote a Calendar of Retreats throughout the year. Offering various courses and workshops in the Bay Area on meditation techniques as well as various meditation instructional audio CDs for those unable to attend our workshops in person. Our passion is to share our love throughout the Bay Area for Buddhist Books and Culture and to educate people on topics relating to Tibetan Buddhism and meditation and visualization techniques. Please give us a call at (510) 200-0981 to learn more about our very unique products and services that benefit the Tibetan culture.


Matthew Breitt