The Best 2012 Holiday Travel Tips for Flying Families

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Thanksgiving is widely known to be the busiest time of year for air travelers in America. Every year millions of people congest airports nationwide and most domestic flights are full and in some cases, overbooked. The process can be a very stressful time of year for many passengers and most notably those traveling with family. Travel analyst say this 2012 holiday travel season is gearing up to be the busiest in nearly a decade. The travel experts at Lets Fly Cheaper offer some great tips and money saving advice to help alleviate some of that holiday travel stress.

“If you have the option, flying out of smaller airports is a great alternative to the busier hubs. You can eliminate those long security lines and gate check in wait times” says Lets Fly Cheaper CEO Ramon vanMeer.

Early booking can also save the grief of paying more money for a domestic fare. In addition, booking early will also have the benefit of families getting seats next to each other. “Some U.S carriers have started charging extra to book window and isle seats which in some cases can make it more difficult for family members to all be seated together” vanMeer says.

Some of the best values for holiday travel can be found on the holiday itself. “Flexibility can be a huge savings if you are on a budget. It can also save you the stress of dealing with the huge crowds. We recommend traveling on the holiday itself. Ideally everyone wants to get to their destinations at least one day early but it’s a great option if you and your destination friends and family are willing to be flexible with your arrival schedule” says Lets Fly Cheaper Marketing Director, Sean Delanty. The busiest travel days have traditionally been one to two days prior to Christmas and Thanksgiving Day.

Lets Fly Cheaper also adds that Tuesdays and Saturdays are generally light travel days and in some cases cheaper when it comes to purchasing fares.

Bag fees are a sure way to give any traveler a headache and a hit to their wallets. Before clicking that purchase button for your airfare it’s very important to check your airlines bag fee policy. Every U.S carrier has a bag policy page on their websites with the exact costs for a checked bag. Low cost carriers, Spirit Airlines and Allegiant Air charge for carry-on bags in addition to charging for checked bags. “Don’t let that ultra-cheap one way fare fool you. In most cases you will be paying an extra $25 to $40 to check your first bag as well as possibly having to fork over more cash to bring a carry-on bag” says vanMeer. He also recommends keeping the weight of your bag under fifty pounds. Airlines have a weight restriction policy and will charge you for the addition weight and in some cases ask you to purchase another bag which can lead to additional, unexpected spending. vanMeer also mentions travelers might want to check with their credit card companies to see what options they may have with the airlines if a fare is purchased on that particular card. In some cases you can waive bag fees.

Many underage children travel alone during the holiday season, more than any other time of the year. The airlines all have different policies when it comes to unaccompanied minors. Lets Fly Cheaper strongly recommends checking the airline’s policy for children traveling solo. Some airlines charge an addition fee depending on the child’s age.

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