The Cleanest Airline Cabins in America

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — San Francisco based Virgin America will take the top honor of the Lets Fly Cleanest Cabin poll among the most requested U.S carriers. The poll was conducted over a two week span. Lets Fly asked frequent travelers and aviation professionals whom they thought kept their fleets clean and tidy. U.S Airways, United and American Airlines both placed at the bottom of the list as having the least clean cabins among the ten airlines polled. Second place went to JetBlue and rounding out the top five was Southwest, Delta and Alaska Airlines.

“There’s a lot to be said about this poll. It shows that the major players in the U.S such as U.S Airways, American and United have either stopped caring or made financial decisions that have affected the appearance of their aircraft. First impression still goes a long way for the consumer. It’s surprising to see so many low cost carries at the top of that list” Says Lets Fly Cheaper CEO, Ramon van Meer.

For the airlines who made the top of the list. The hard work it takes to get a good first impression and cleanliness starts with the flight crew. “It’s a group effort that keeps our planes looking as new as possible. We all clean, from the inflight crew, the airport cleaners and in many cases, the pilots. We all pitch in to make sure the cabins are spit and polish for the next group of customers. If a seat starts to look worn, it gets changed right away” says one JetBlue copilot.

Having a fairly new fleet may be an advantage for Virgin America, JetBlue and Southwest; however the resources to keep them looking sharp on the inside are available to everyone, including those airlines with older fleets. Each airline takes on that responsibility and the challenges of doing what they can to make a good impression on the consumer. In this case, the competitive edge goes to the lower cost carriers.

Virgin America was unavailable for a comment.

See below for the complete list

1.    Virgin America 2.    JetBlue 3.    Southwest Airlines 4.    Delta Airlines 5.    Alaska Airlines 6.    Spirit Airlines 7.    Allegiant Airlines 8.    American Airlines 9.    United Airlines 10.    U.S Airways

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Ramon van Meer
Lets Fly Cheaper