The East Bay Local Pub Redcoats Announces it Hosts Skyy Vodka Parties and Monthly Events

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Redcoats Pub & Restaurant, located in the East Bay, will be hosting Skyy vodka parties on Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th at its other pub, the Crown in Danville. The local pub is also planning on hosting an Oktoberfest week with an extensive selection of beer and beer steins during the week of October 8. Redcoats Pub & Restaurant has featured Skyy Vodka in its well for the past four years and the Crown in Danville now features Skyy Vodka as well.

“Skyy and its infusions are among the best vodkas on the market today. To be able have them in our well exposes more people to great tasting drinks at an affordable price,” said Tommy Kennard of Redcoats Pub & Restaurant. “We’re sponsoring a Downtown Pleasanton hosted beer crawl on the 29th of October and our first beer week for Sierra Nevada begins on the 30th of October and lasts until November 5th featuring celebration, torpedo, pale ale and kellerweis.”

The East Bay local bar will be hosting Skyy Vodka parties where it will feature $4 Skyy and infusion drinks starting at 10 p.m. with a live video DJ in HD. It is also hosting a trivia pint night every Wednesday night featuring rotating craft beers. With the goal of making the venue more attractive and up-to-date, Redcoats will be giving the pub restaurant a facelift by installing a 12-person, custom-made wood booth created by a local craftsman as well as a new private bar for use in conjunction with its mezzanine lounge. The new bar will be available for use during weekends for larger parties. A brand new walnut floor will also be installed at the bar as well as four additional beer handles for its brewery week every month. With great drinks and a perfect venue for parties, no wonder Redcoats has been voted as the best place for dancing for two years in a row by Pleasanton weekly and its vodka and craft beer definitely adds the fun to every customer’s visit.

“Craft beer and particularly the West Coast IPA is the fastest growing beer category in America. We offer a nice selection of imports but we must offer more regional beers to expand our customer base,” added Kennard.

For more information about Redcoats Pub & Restaurant, call 925-462-6600 or visit their website at

About Redcoats Pub & Restaurant

Enjoy a taste of the posh lifestyle at Redcoats British Pub and Restaurant. Redcoats, conveniently located in downtown Pleasanton, is a Pub Restaurant serving the East Bay with authentic English Ales and delicious traditional English and American Bar Restaurant cuisine. As a traditional English Pub, we take pride in offering a wide assortment of delicious ales and European beers. Redcoats Pub & Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner as well.


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