The Funeral Program Site, Industry Leader in Funeral Programs, Welcomes New Employees as Company Grows

Orinda, California (EastBayDaily) — The Funeral Program Site has achieved a number of successes and goals in the past few years and hopes to celebrate more successes in the future. To deal with the recent growth in business and ensure continued success, the Funeral Program Site is pleased to welcome two new employees, Alexandria Wadford and Megan Morehouse. Both employees were hired as graphic designers to uphold the high standards within the company and add to the level of excellence with their own innovative designs and ideas.

Alexandria Wadford is currently pursuing a degree in animation at Art Institute in San Francisco. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from University of San Francisco. Allie's talented skills include illustration, banner animation and creating ads. She is a well-rounded designer. Allie started a few weeks ago and has already picked up much of the day to day functions involved in being a graphic designer for the top funeral programs website. She is a hard worker whose first tasks in the parent company, Creative Media Web was to assist with stocking the Wedding Program Site with various wedding program templates styles and designs, and creating animation ads for the company to post on numerous online entities.

This is what is what Alexandria had to say about her new role with the company,

"At the Funeral Program Site, I work with supportive and enthusiastic artists, who are always happy to help and review my work. I am encouraged to be creative and opportunities to use my design skills are plentiful."

The previous employee hired, Megan Morehouse has a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art with an Emphasis on Painting and Printmaking from University of California at Los Angeles. Megan is also studying a Master of Arts in Visual Development at the prestigious Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Even though her employment with the company started about two months ago, Megan has become an integral part of the team. Ms. Morehouse is indeed a gifted illustrator and currently assists with creating designs for wedding programs for the Wedding Program Site. She is also responsible for creating Microsoft templates for the Funeral Program Site.

Here is what Megan thinks about working with us,

"Working on the Funeral Program Site has been such a privilege. Every day I learn new things in an innovative environment that challenges me creatively and intellectually. I feel like one of the lucky few who get to go to work and say they love their job!"

Why Choose The Funeral Program Site

The Funeral Program Site is an online funeral programs templates superstore that is easy to browse and select the perfect program. People do not need to possess any graphic design skills or even have much creativity since the graphic designer at this company have done all the hard work. Templates are easy to use even a novice computer user can do it.

Browse through its customer testimonials and see why it was voted the Best Customer Service 2008-2012. A customer can use the website to find the best Adobe Publisher templates as a program memorial to a loved one. One customer wrote, "I was under a tight deadline and you were there to help me get my program in order. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your fast response and assistance. It's a stressful time and I did not need any more stress. Your poems resource was very helpful! Much thanks to you. I loved the program I created with your template. God bless."

The customer will discover helpful, kind and knowledgeable customer service staff. It is great to use funeral home software during one of the most stressful times in a person's life. An online customer stated, "I purchased several of your templates and they are really nice, very professional looking and it was easy for me to enter my information in there for my wife. I'm glad I found your site. More people should use them to save themselves some time. It was a helping hand for me and helped me choose the perfect songs to include."

The Funeral Program Site has earned its reputation. It was recently featured in the sought after Business Buzz section of "The Orinda News." A customer wrote on the website, "I am so impressed with your level of service and response. I wish you well and my template is so beautiful and high quality. Even looks so much better after I opened it up. Great job and thanks again."

About The Funeral Program Site

The Funeral Program Site is a company dedicated to providing a fast, hassle-free service for funeral program creation. It offers the best quality funeral program templates and keepsakes that can be found anywhere. These templates are compatible with use in Adobe Publisher and Microsoft Word. The site also offers designs that can be used as Apple iWork Pages templates.

The Funeral Program Site has operated in programs and template creation for more than 10 years. The templates and other services can be purchased by individuals making preparations or by a funeral director in charge of a memorial service. The website is packed with useful information and an extension video library to help you get started.

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