The Launch of merge2gether, a New Online Magazine, That Helps To Take Some of the Heavy Lifting Out of Moving In Together

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Summer is the busiest season for relocating. People of all ages are on the move and many moves include living with a new person. College freshmen get ready for their freshman-year dorm mate, college grads strike out on their own, couples move in together, stepfamilies blend two families into one and older adults move in with their adult children to provide or receive care.

Whatever your age or reason, moving can be stressful. When you add other people into the equation, it can get downright complicated. Yes, planning and organization are keys to a successful move. But moving is a lot more than packing boxes and loading trucks; it is often an emotional and interpersonal experience. Moving involves saying good-bye to old friends and familiar places. It also involves saying hello to new neighbors and learning the lay of the land.

As a new online community, merge2gether is dedicated to addressing these personal life processes, as well as the practical do’s and don’ts of moving. Discussion topics focus on the art and science of communication, cooperation and compromise whether between dorm-mates, roommates, couples, stepfamilies or three-generation families.

“We believe the key to moving in and living together successfully has to do with communicating and setting expectations,” says cofounder, Steve Hutnick. “People moving in together tend to have an attitude that they will work things out as they come up, which can end up being a stressful strategy. The goal of merge2gether is to get people talking about important issues before starting to look for a place together.”

“Since many of us have been a dorm-mate, roommate or at some time moved in with a new person, we want the ‘lived and learned’ experiences of our readers,” says Beverly Aabjerg, Director of Marketing.

The merge2gether community offers people in all stages of life the resources to help them take this next step with confidence.’s tools and tips get people thinking and talking before the first moving box is packed.

About merge2gether ( Founded in 2011, merge2gether is headquartered in Oakland, California. is an online community offering resources to guide people as they think and talk through the process of moving in with another person. The company provides free information, questions-and-answers and ideas to people of all ages and at all stages of life.


Beverly Aabjerg

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