The Panic Store Marks First Anniversary of Japanese Earthquake with New Website Items

Dublin, California (EastBayDaily) — On March 11, 2011, Japan was rocked with a 9.0 earthquake. The once in a lifetime event caused several additional calamines such as severe aftershocks, a destructive tsunami and then a devastating nuclear meltdown.

In the one year since, many people in the Bay Area have been busy preparing their families and properties for an event that could hit right here at home. The Panic Store has been the go-to provider of emergency supplies and they warn area residents to always be vigilant because the geographic location of San Francisco could lead to an identical emergency scenario.

“A disaster doesn’t always have to be a personal disaster if preparation is made in advance,” Ken Minard, of The Panic Store, said. “We at The Panic Store encourage people to be part of the solution, not the problem.”

The Panic Store is carrying some new items, such as all-meat and all-veggie storage containers under the long-term food link on the website

“We also carry what are called ‘Zombie Survival Kits,’” Minard added. “We call them this for a couple reasons. First it causes people to pay more attention to them than other kits because the name is somewhat humorous, but its purpose is very serious. If people’s food storage is not protected during an emergency situation, people will come out to steal and rob you. This kit will prevent people, who were unprepared, from taking advantage of your foresight to plan ahead.”

In this age when technology enables people to be aware beforehand, being prepared is a much wiser plan than hoping things will just work out. The Panic Store is ready to help families and businesses in that end.

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The Panic Store is a Dublin-based online store offering all brands, sizes and types of emergency survival kits and products for disaster preparedness. The Panic Store is a leading online retailer of emergency supplies for natural and manmade disasters, supplying survival kits for every eventuality.


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