The Pet Concierge’s Campaign to Support Pet Owners Is a Huge Success

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — The Pet Concierge launched a crowd funding campaign to raise $5,000 toward an Education Center to help people take the best care of their pets. With the help of 72 funders across the country, The Pet Concierge exceeded their goal and raised $5,098 toward their education center.

The crowd funding campaign was launched through Indiegogo to help build The Pet Concierge Education Center in the San Francisco Bay Area. The organization was accepting contributions as low as $5.00, and up to $1,000.00, in exchange for various “perks.” The perks ranged from an informative eBook to a personal photo shoot with an award-winning pet photographer, Lori Cheung.

The Pet Concierge understands the importance of educating pet owners about the options they have when it comes to taking the best care of their pets, which is why The Pet Concierge works to easily connect pet owners and world-renowned pet experts. By providing products and services such as cutting-edge educational content and access to effective pet treatments, The Pet Concierge will help pets at all stages of their lives.

The Pet Concierge recognizes that one of the biggest gaps in pet care today is the lack of support for pet owners suffering through the loss of their pet. Losing a pet is inevitable and it is one of the hardest times of a pet owner’s life. This is why The Pet Concierge is launching “My Pet Lives On” and has invited grief experts and counselors to the Education Center to share ways and ease the pain that comes with grief and pet loss.

Lee Richter, founder of The Pet Concierge, has been in the veterinary world for more than 15 years, and owns two award-winning veterinary practices based in Oakland, California. Upon raising the funds for the education center, Richter expressed her gratitude and joy by saying, “We are thrilled to meet our goal and we are so happy to bring this valuable education to our clients and the community of pet lovers in the Bay Area.”

The Pet Concierge is dedicated to building a network of resources, including grief counselors, award-winning veterinarians and other pet industry experts. Pet owners will be able to access information online, or by visiting the education center in person in Oakland, California.

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