The Recent Article of Reveals the Important Role Smartphones Play in Korea’s Online Stock Trading Scene

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — The recently published article of presents the direct relation between technological advancements and the stock trading world; Korea’s stock trading scene is proof of this. Smartphones have completely altered the way people stay connected and up-to-date with the latest developments about pretty much everything. They are also the reason why a lot of techno-savvy people are being drawn into online stock trading because these clever gadgets are designed to accommodate the constant surge of stock information, as if the users are consistently tuned into Bloomberg or some other stock exchange channel. Online stock trading is made possible by downloadable smartphone applications.

Nick Alto of shares that in South Korea, “More and more people are doing their stock trading through their smartphones which surely contributed to the 18.3 percentage increase of the value of stocks that were traded online; Korea Exchange shows that from the previous value of 2,086 trillion won, there was an impressive growth to 2,468 trillion won.”

Apparently, as more people are making the switch from their old mobile phones to the ultra-efficient and highly functional smartphone, there will be more people who would try to trade stock online. The gadget is compact, so it can be carried around. Most people can leave their houses without their laptops but never without their phones and it’s easier to check the phone for the latest stock trading updates.

South Korea is one of the leading countries when it comes to smartphone applications and it’s also taking advantage of its advanced technology in supporting the different money-generating efforts of its industries. Alto points out that, “Unlike other countries that have not yet taken advantage of technologies for trading, South Korean investors are quick to make use of their smartphones to perform their trading. The extensive broadband and wireless networks in the country allow investors to trade anywhere they may be. As long as there is connection, trading can be performed. Competitive commission rates are some of the incentives that are being offered by brokerages to investors who use their smartphones for trading. If you are an investor, you have the chance to use different means to accomplish your trading. Use your smartphone as one of your online trading options.”

Since smartphones are available all over the world, this recent development in Korean online stock trading will likely prompt other countries to use this technology to further their stock trading. currently features an infographic depicting the situation. Those who want to get a better understanding of it can click here.


Kate Martin
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