The Wooden Duck Hosts Joshua Tree Fundraiser

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — The Wooden Duck will be hosting The Joshua Tree Artisans’ Collective Fire Fundraiser from 7-11 p.m. Saturday June 14. The fundraiser is being held to raise money to make up for the losses resulting from a fire that destroyed the Joshua Tree Building. The Joshua Tree Fundraiser will feature live music from Lia Rose with special guests DJ Elroy and an Acoustic Café. There will also be a silent auction.

On April 12, 2014, a massive six-alarm fire ravaged the Joshua Tree building in Berkeley, completely destroying heirloom and modern woodworking tools and machinery, welding and blacksmithing tools, CNC equipment for both wood and metal, extensive personal material collections, projects in progress, finished pieces of furniture in the showroom, designs and portfolios, and business records. Even though some members have limited insurance coverage, most have little to none, and collectively insurance will not come close to covering the losses.

Since 2005, the Joshua Tree Artisans’ Collective has provided a unique environment where woodworkers, metal workers, designers, contractors, inventors, fabricators, product developers and mixed media artists could pool their resources and talent to optimize the quality, character and integrity of finished products. Even though each of The Joshua Tree members mostly worked independently on their own residential, commercial or personal projects, they still created a collaborative atmosphere of pride in craftsmanship and attention to detail, with a strong emphasis on sustainable and locally sourced materials.

The Collective’s members are working together to create fundraising mechanisms and events to meet immediate needs and to rebuild the Joshua Tree Artisans’ Collective in order to: Financially assist individual members to replace the tools, equipment and materials needed to restart their businesses.

Quickly locate and equip temporary space(s) so individual members can fulfill outstanding orders.

Begin the search for a new location where rebuilding can begin in order to preserve Joshua Tree’s unique synergy and creative strengths.

All proceeds donated to The Joshua Tree Artisans’ Collective Fire Fundraiser will help the organization rebuild their collective, continue to support the creative fabric of the Bay Area, and contribute to the greater design community. Please visit for more information. Contributions can be made by visiting

About the company: The Wooden Duck has been making commercial furniture from recycled wood and reclaimed materials in their shop in West Berkeley and around the world for almost 20 years. Their imported, reclaimed wood furniture is generally considered the most direct-to-consumer value on the West Coast as they ship factory direct and are located a mere seven miles from the port of Oakland.

They sell directly to Northern California customers from their shops in Berkeley and San Rafael and have eliminated the “tiered” designer/wholesaler/trade pricing to which most direct importers still adhere. The Wooden Duck offers a discount system according to how much the customer buys… not who they are. The Wooden Duck does not ship out of state in order to keep costs down for their local clientele. Their weekly “Duck Deal” is considered the lowest price in the country on one particular item two or three times a month and it has a loyal following (sign up on their home page). They pride themselves on always having used 100 percent solid recycled wood (no ply, no veneer) and their factory in Berkeley specializes in locally-made dining tables, beds and custom finishing on exotic reclaimed lumber from the world.


Paul Koshlap