These Monster Worms are Environmentally Friendly

Antioch, California (EastBayDaily) — Worms are environmentally friendly and make the world around us a better and “greener” place to live. These environmentally friendly worms come from Monster Worms, located in Antioch, in the San Francisco Bay area, California. Entrepreneurs Dave Anderson and Beth Tibbits that run Monster Worms believe “with a little effort, we can all help our world”. That’s why they are offering their composting red worms, worm bins and compost tumblers. They turn kitchen fruit and vegetable scraps into nutrient rich, organic compost and worm castings. It’s an environmentally friendly and economical way to healthy organic gardening.

Recently, Monster Worms received the Bay Area Green Business Certificate. The Bay Area Green Business Program verifies that businesses meet higher standards of environmental performance. The certification review was thorough and many aspects of the business’ daily use of resources was reviewed. They reviewed the electrical system. Monster Worms uses CFL’s versus incandescent bulbs to reduce electrical usage. Solar panels are used to supplement their electrical use. The landscape and garden are irrigated with a drip system or with carefully placed sprinklers. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used on the property. Fruit and vegetable scraps and yard trimmings are turned into worm castings or compost by the use of red composting worms or a back yard compost tumbler. The worm castings and compost are used to enrich the soil.

The business is a natural extension of the family’s way of life. When the family shops they use reusable canvas bags. Fruit and vegetable trimmings, waste paper, cardboard, and yard trimmings are either fed to their worms or composted. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in their home or garden. The worm castings and compost are used on the family’s plants and lawn. They installed solar panels at their home, so electrical appliances run on supplemented solar energy. It is important to the family that Monster Worms is a “green business.”

Excellent for organic gardening and fishing

Red worms are excellent modifiers. They produce great organic castings that are rich in nutrients from kitchen fruit and vegetable scraps. Worm castings are an excellent nutrient source, ideal for organic gardening. Red wiggler (Eisenia fetida) or its larger cousin, the European Nightcrawler (Eisenia hortensis) generate a lot of castings and produce a lot of cocoons. They are both great for fishing bait as are the African Nightcrawler, the Canadian Nightcrawler and the Alabama Jumper. Of all the Monster Worms, the Alabama Jumpers are the best worms for putting in the soil. All Monster Worms are weighed excluding the bedding material. However they are shipped out in their natural beddings.

About Monster Worms

Monster Worms is located in Antioch, CA which is in the San Francisco East Bay Area. They believe in keeping the community and the environment green and clean. They collect coffee grounds and newspapers from their local coffee shops and fruit and vegetables from sandwich shops and restaurants. Manure collected from a nearby horse stable along with rabbit droppings from a local pet supply store feed the worms; otherwise most of this would have ended up in a landfill. Monster Worms believes in leaving a very small carbon foot print on this world. To learn more visit or call (925) 890-5773.


David Anderson
Monster Worms