Three Real Estate Trends that are Here to Stay, According to ACL Property Management

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Leading real estate and property management firm, ACL Real Estate and Property Management state that with the housing market recovering in San Francisco and the rest of the country, some residential real estate trends are becoming more apparent. These trends have brought about positive changes and are therefore likely to stay for some time to come, the company adds.

According to ACL Real Estate and Property Management, the 48th annual conference of the National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE), held in June 2014, saw a record turnout, a sure sign of an improving real estate market. Another sign of recovery in the housing market is the estimate by MetroStudy, a market research company, that new home starts are likely to rise 18% in 2014, as compared to the previous year. Along with this recovery, there have been some positive trends that seem prominent in the residential real estate market.

The most positive housing trend is the move towards energy efficiency. More and more homeowners and builders are realizing the benefits of improving the energy efficiency of buildings. In fact, this is one thing that can add to the value of a home and raise its asking price significantly. From insulated attics to Energy Star rated appliances, prospective buyers are looking for energy efficiency in the homes they buy.

Economic recovery seems to have also fuelled a desire for a better lifestyle. Apartments and condos being built today are focusing on providing the best lifestyle amenities. From walking and jogging trails to playgrounds for children and sports facilities, both builders and home buyers are recognizing the need for a healthier lifestyle. Add to this better security options, facilities for entertainment and easier transportation to and from work, the best is being sought in every aspect.

One trend that is being observed not only in real estate but in every aspect of life is the move towards the online space. Whether one is buying a mobile phone or a home, the research is conducted online. More and more real estate firms have online listing and home owners are increasingly listing their properties on these online platforms. Home buyers and even renters are looking for options online and contacting agents and owners through these online portals. Today, you can even get a virtual tour of a home or see a high-tech video of the property in 3D.

ACL Real Estate and Property Management has responded to this trend proactively by updating and revamping their website to make it easier for visitors to find what they want. The new website is now live and visitors to can read about the services offered, ask questions and get answers, post their requirements and more with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

About ACL Real Estate and Property Management: With wide experience and a proven track record in quality service and reliability, ACL Real Estate and Property Management has carved a niche for itself for its real estate and property management services in the East Bay and Peninsula areas. The company has a successful track record of assisting home owners in both selling and buying any type of property. The company also offers comprehensive property management services that ease the process of selecting tenants, maintaining the home and ensuring timely rent collection for homeowners.


Charles Lassey