Tiny Prints: Why a Start-up Works Best When Solving Your Own Needs

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Tiny Prints, Inc. passionately solves a need most moms-to-be have. In 2003 when one of the founders was pregnant, he began looking for birth announcements online. Fast forward to today and the team has their own chic, baby stationery firm, is making over eight figures in revenue annually and has been featured at the Golden Globes and recently in a CNNMoney.com article, “How to get rich in America.”

Not every business kicks off with a breakthrough idea. This one grew out of a bond shared by three friends: Kelly Berger, Laura Ching and Ed Han. “We were always hanging out, always bantering over ideas,” recalls Han, who brought them together. He’d met Ching at business school and Berger at the start-up he worked for after graduating in 2000.

Tiny Prints believes in the power of teamwork, shared vision and the right person for the right position. “We believe when you carve out areas of complete autonomy your organization works, if you don’t, you’re better off scheduling a camping trip than starting a business,” says Han. The team has the right players for sure. Han knows search engines and marketing, Ching leads the way on merchandising while Berger focuses on technology – all contributing the right expertise mix to the team.

About Tiny Prints, Inc.

Founded in 2004 by three friends in beautiful Mountain View California, Tiny Prints, Inc. is an online retailer of and software developer for the social stationery industry comprised of multiple brands. Tiny Prints provides simple, unique and modern stationery such as photo birth announcements and holiday cards to baby shower, birthday party and wedding invitations. Offering exclusive creations from the nation’s top designers, easy card personalization, a powerful preview engine, premium cardstock and top-notch customer service, their designs have been lauded by numerous publications and celebrity parents. Tiny Prints, built on a mission to enable deeper personal connections, finds great joy in helping their customers discover the perfect paper and design to leave a lasting impression.


Jeff Reichelderfer
Tiny Prints