Tom Sawyer Software Releases Tom Sawyer Cloud, Version 2.0, Java Edition

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Tom Sawyer Software, the premier provider of software for building high-performance graph visualization and analysis applications, announces the release of Tom Sawyer Cloud, Version 2.0, Java Edition.

Tom Sawyer Software introduces a new release of Tom Sawyer Cloud, for deploying Tom Sawyer Perspectives applications in a WildFly-hosted web-based cluster. Tom Sawyer Cloud manages resources and balances operational workload behind the scenes, allowing clients seamless scaled access to the visualization and analysis capabilities of Tom Sawyer Perspectives.

Tom Sawyer Cloud simplifies web deployment and isolates your applications from deployment details. The product provides simple clustering and runs on local clusters.

A Tom Sawyer Cloud grid contains one or more clusters. The grid supports deployment and management of web applications built with Tom Sawyer Perspectives. A cluster is a set of web application server instances and a router or a switch.

Tom Sawyer Cloud may contain several clusters to accommodate:

Large volumes of data Security Administrative control Redundancy Multiple configurations of deployed applications

Tom Sawyer Cloud simplifies the work of managing Java enterprise applications by alleviating the need to manually edit configuration files when provisioning and managing enterprise application servers running in a clustered environment. Since Tom Sawyer Cloud is based on Apache HTTP and Java EE7-certified WildFly, it provides access to the latest best-in-breed technologies.

Server startups are fast and require a lightweight memory footprint. Fault tolerance, clustering, session replication, and efficient web proxy support are all backed as base-level features. Additional support will soon be added to the Tom Sawyer Perspectives Designer, in order to simplify development, staging, and deployment of Tom Sawyer Perspectives-based applications across a cloud or an enterprise.

Brendan Madden, Chief Executive Officer of Tom Sawyer Software, said, “For a number of years, we have worked on cloud and grid scaling technology. We're pleased to be able to offer Tom Sawyer Cloud in support of our enterprise and government end user customers. Tom Sawyer Cloud can be locally and privately installed by our customers to support more rapid scaling of their user communities for their Tom Sawyer Perspectives applications.”

This new release also provides a number of user interface improvements and visual updates to the installer. The Apache web server can now also be installed and uninstalled seamlessly, without leaving behind any previously installed components. Furthermore, the JIDE version was upgraded, and the classes that use it were rewritten.

To learn more about the specific features of Tom Sawyer Cloud, Java Edition, click here.

About Tom Sawyer Software

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