Tom Sawyer Software Releases Tom Sawyer Perspectives, Version 6.2, Java Edition


Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Tom Sawyer Software, the premier provider of software for building high-performance data relationship visualization and analysis applications, announces the release of Tom Sawyer Perspectives, Version 6.2, Java Edition.

This new release introduces a new data integrator that can connect to RESTful web services, populate a schema, and process the resulting JSON or XML streams into Tom Sawyer Perspectives models. With the growing popularity of REST architectures, we have included this new integrator so our customers can easily connect to their data through REST without writing custom code.

This release also provides new rotated edge labels support. Rotated labels can now have the same orientation as the edges they are associated with. In symmetric layout, there is also patent-pending integrated multi-edge labeling, where edge length and multi-edge spacing are determined by label width and height.

Tom Sawyer Perspectives, Version 6.2, also includes a new smart bend removal algorithm for orthogonal drawings, and hierarchical layout with orthogonal routing. Many unnecessary bends are now eliminated for cleaner and more visually appealing drawings.

Brendan Madden, Chief Executive Officer of Tom Sawyer Software, said, “We continue doing more sophisticated technical work for our customers who are building critical large-scale web applications. This deep work with our customers is providing us with new skills that we can share with our broader growing customer base. In this release, we have added new REST data integration in support of this growing broad trend in the software industry, and we have added patent-pending symmetric layout integrated labeling in support of our Network Topology and Link Analysis customer base. This new rotated label support also has applications in the schematics field.”

Further updates include a new tutorial demonstrating integration with Spring MVC, and Active Directory integration. This release also offers many improvements, including improved session serialization, some performance work, and improved memory management for web applications.

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