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Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — In economically challenging times like today, people have more sex. The result of this is more unplanned pregnancies, terminations, and STD’s. To help prevent this from happening it has been recommended to be abstinent, practice safer sex, use birth control and condoms.

Huge Brand has gone one step beyond providing quality condoms. They have come out with a product to help prevent transmission of bacterial infections, topical infections, and STD’s during sex play.

Toy Covers are sanitary barriers intended exclusively for use with vibrators and sex toys. Designed to provide you with additional protection, give you peace of mind, and make clean-up simple. Made without reservoir tips which can trap air and cause breakage, sanitary barriers are strong and durable. For people that enjoy personal massagers and sex toys, Toy Covers by Huge Brand are a safe sex product to be added to the Toy Chest.

“Responsibility Doesn’t Have to be Boring”

Using condoms during sex is a must these days. Toy Covers are for protecting those who enjoy going one step further and busting out the massager and/or toys.

Toy Covers by Huge Brand:     make clean-up fast and simple (timesaver),     preserve the good condition and longevity of sex toys and personal massagers (money saver),     are made strong and durable. (safe to use).     provide protection from unwanted bacterial infections and sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) (saves time, money, and health).

Toy Covers by Huge Brand, latex sanitary barriers, are made from the highest quality natural rubber latex and manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility with stringent quality assurance standards. Each Toy Cover is electronically tested to provide maximum protection and is individually sealed with a premium grade, water-based lubricant.

Toy Covers by Huge Brand are available online through Maxpro Condoms. Free Shipping & Handling Offer

About Maxpro Condoms: Maxpro Condoms was founded in 1991 with a mission to change how cultures and their people perceive condoms. Maxpro is a lifestyle choice product for discerning, quality conscious and socially aware individuals. With new innovative designs, Maxpro condoms are designed to fit the growing trends of today’s sophisticated population. Maxpro isn’t just another condom; it’s a lifestyle choice. Visit the Maxpro site at


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