TradeSeam Opens for Small Business with $6 Recession Busters

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Daljeet Sidhu, Founder and CEO of Tradeseam Inc. today announced the launch of TradeSeam Inc. TradeSeam provides software as a service for the underserved small and medium business market. “Tradeseam’s pay as you go solution addresses the needs of small business owners looking to squeeze a better ROI from their already slashed marketing budgets while they try and emerge from this deep recession,” says Daljeet Sidhu, Founder and CEO, TradeSeam Inc. “TradeSeam appeals to small business owners as it offers a low cost alternative for those on a tight budget.”

TradeSeam is the first online business network where small businesses can connect with customers, find peer recommended suppliers, compare products and services such as website design, credit card processing, call centers and telemarketing to get the best deals, saving them time and money on their most important business decisions.

Small businesses tend to overspend on advertising relative to their size as they receive an increasing deluge of offers to buy listings in online directories, to bid for keywords on search engines, to set up email marketing campaigns and purchase banner ads. However, the owners of SMBs need to better understand current online marketing options and practices to continue to justify their advertising spend.

TradeSeam offers small business owners a low cost alternative to buy qualified business leads on an as-needed basis. With the TradeSeam solution, small businesses do not need to overspend their marketing dollars or limited time in figuring out how to make these online options such as banner advertising, pay per click or SEO work for them.

“I became active on TradeSeam last fall and have got quite a few leads so far. In some cases we didn’t offer the exact product they needed, but we were able to point them to our affiliates to help them,” says Christopher Hamick, Chief Operating Officer, Cash Federal Inc. “We became TradeSeam Verified so I’m sure that has helped build our reputation as a credible business partner.”

TradeSeam’s pay as you go solution enables small businesses to acquire new customers by finding them online while they are in their buying cycle. With TradeSeam, users can save time and money on their most important business decisions by connecting with peer recommended suppliers, comparing products and services that best meet their business needs.

About TradeSeam, Inc. TradeSeam is the first online business network for small and medium businesses; all who have an interest in accelerating the growth of their business. Tradeseam enables small and medium businesses to connect with customers, find peer-recommended suppliers, and compare products and services for their most important business decisions.

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Daljeet Sidhu