Treasure the Memory of a Beloved Pet with a Remarkable Opportunity called, “My Pet Lives On” from The Pet Concierge

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — My Pet Lives On now offers a biodegradable urn in the United State that can preserve the memory of a beloved pet for the years to come. Each urn features a tree seed that grows from a pet’s ashes, while the urn’s patented technology ensures that the urn’s PH levels and soil conditions are perfect for seed germination. Talk about a beautiful way to commemorate your pet’s life, growing a beautiful tree to be loved and enjoyed by future generations.

The Pet Concierge is currently pre-selling the urns here for anyone in the United States. There is a limited amount of urns available and unlike similar products, these urns are perfectly designed to properly germinate a tree seed and help that seed develop into a healthy, flourishing pine tree. This urn can be used with ashes of any age, making for a perfect means to transform older ashes into a meaningful representation of a loved pet, while removing these ashes from the house, where they might be affecting a home’s energy. These urns don’t have an expiration date, so pet owners who want assurance that they can remember their pets well into the future can buy an urn now and store the urn in a secure, dry place. Once planted, the care is the same as for a regular tree.

The Pet Concierge understands how hard it is to cope with a loss of a pet, and as CEO, Lee Richter says, “Over the last decade as CEO of Montclair Veterinary Hospital, Holistic Veterinary Care and The Pet Concierge, I've noticed I receive more ‘Thank You’ notes, photos, and thoughtful gifts when we assist clients with end-of-life issues than at any other time…” Lee continued, “Most of the people I interviewed had their pets' ashes in a little box or container, sitting on their mantel or up on a shelf. They all shared with me that they would prefer a different ending for their pet.”

The Pet Concierge is on a mission to support pet owners through their pet’s entire life-cycle and realizes the intensity end of life issues bring to pet owners. With that in mind, The Pet Concierge also offers a free report for pet owners, offering the top tips for coping with a loss of a beloved pet, available on

About The Pet Concierge: was established to provide connections to the top experts in the pet community locally and globally, that provide Eastern and Western medicine, wellness and nutrition. The purpose is also to educate pet owners about the many options they have when it comes to keeping their pets healthier and happier during all facets of their life. In 2014, The Pet Concierge launched “My Pet Lives On” to support pet owners with end of life issues when it comes to their beloved furry family member. The Pet Concierge understands that losing pets can take a heavy toll emotionally… sometimes the grief is as intense or even more intense than the loss of a relative. Because of this very reason, “My Pet Lives On” was created.


Lee Richter


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