Trenchless Pipe Burster, TRIC Tools, Participated in Baumaschinen-Messe’s 17th Bi-annual Trade Fair

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — TRIC Tools’ Director of Sales, Gregg Abbott traveled to the beautiful Swiss Alps for the recent Baumaschinen-Messe in Lucerne, Switzerland. Prior to Mr. Abbott’s arrival, TRIC’s V24 and M100 pipe bursting units traveled via airline to the show. This was the 17th Bi-annual Trade Fair that has been ongoing for over 30 years. Mr. Abbott assisted Mr. Muenzer in greeting special guests from Germany and Austria, as well as over 17,000 other visitors to the event. TRIC is excited to bring its small carbon footprint to Europe where its green technology saves contractors both time and money.

While there, TRIC’s Mr. Abbott, learned first hand about the Swiss marketplace as well as opportunities in the other parts of Western Europe. “I’m really excited about working with Mario, we’ve been talking for over two years now and everything he’s promised has come true, ” Abbott said. While at the trade event Gregg met Joseph Huber of Leitungsbau Construction, the proud owner of the first M100 Pipe Burst system sold in Western Europe. For more information about future Baumaschinen shows, go to

TRIC continues to develop its technology to the needs of the industry. At the show, TRIC showcased its Municipal and Lateral pipe replacement Tools. TRIC has developed a Municipal service delivery vehicle that allows the contractor to deliver 8” to 12” pipe as easy as the 4” lateral system pulls in new polyethylene pipes. The 'M' Series Pipe Bursting Equipment combines a compact footprint and at the same time harnessing enough power to burst 6” to 12” Mainlines in an attractive package. TRIC recently delivered trenchless technology to its Distributor in Belgium. TRIC’s V24 and M Series pipe bursting equipment have been used on several sewer and water projects in both the US and Canada over the past ten years.

For more information about Trenchless Pipe Bursting equipment or the Trenchless Industry in general – please call 888-883-8742 or visit TRIC's website at: to see how they can answer any of these questions for you. Get your Trenchless Sewer and Water Replacement service off on the right foot, one lateral at a time.


Michael Lien


Michael Lien