Trial By Fire Solutions Announces New Electronic Visit Reports Functionality in SimpleCTMS

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Trial By Fire Solutions, a leading eClinical solution provider specializing in clinical study management applications, today announced the release of SimpleCTMS 3.0. This major release offers a number of new updates and enhancements, including electronic visit reports, improved field customization, and expanded dashboards.

The new electronic visit report functionality in SimpleCTMS supports the authoring, submission and approval of site visit reports with electronic signatures. It includes workflows for review and approval with out-of-window alerts. The visit reports integrate with a robust tracking and reporting system for study managers that will help accelerate and improve site feasibility, site activation and subject enrollment, expediting the clinical trial process and saving the Sponsor time and money.

“As a leading CTMS platform, we are delighted to meet the expanding needs of our clients and market with the release of SimpleCTMS 3.0. Our clients asked for an easy way to complete trip reports in the CTMS, and it was a natural extension of our flexible and intuitive system” says Nancy Cecchettini, SimpleCTMS Founder and Chief Product Officer. “Feedback from our early adopters has been overwhelmingly positive, as workflow processes for report development and review have been streamlined and upper management can visualize site-monitoring performance in real-time.”

Additional features provided in the release build upon data visibility and easy to interpret visualizations for efficient study management. These include additional dashboards, expansion of existing flexible fields, enhanced data import processing and increased compatibility with EDC vendors. New enhancements also include site and vendor payment invoicing as well as expansion of document repositories for portfolio level and multi-study documents.

About Trial By Fire Solutions

Trial By Fire Solutions is a life sciences focused clinical software company featuring SimpleCTMS, a flexible, intuitive and powerful clinical trial management system (CTMS). With many years of experience on the front lines of clinical trial management, we have a passion for innovating web-based eClinical technology to optimize planning, execution, tracking and overall cost of clinical trials. For more information, please visit


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