TrialPay Tops 10 Million Users of Its Online Payment Platform

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — In less than two years, TrialPay has surpassed 10 million users to become one of the fastest-growing online payment companies. More than 5,000 premier merchants have eagerly adopted this revolutionary payment platform because unlike regular options such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Google Checkout and Bill Me Later, TrialPay actually increases a customer's willingness to pay by giving a 2-for-1 with every purchase. In just its second year, TrialPay counts 18 million visitors each month and 40,000 new users every day from around the globe to rival that of other top-tier online payment companies.

"In its first year, TrialPay surpassed the first-year revenues of other high-growth Internet start-ups such as Google and Amazon," said Roger Lee, General Partner at Battery Ventures, one of TrialPay's investors. "In its second year, TrialPay is poised to double its revenues by letting shoppers pay for products from name-brand merchants by completing one offer from blue-chip advertisers. No other payment method increases a customer's willingness to pay, and this unique differentiator makes TrialPay one of our premier portfolio companies."

TrialPay's unique model creates new revenue from its merchants' current traffic by ensuring that every customer can find an offer that compels him to purchase. Using TrialPay, merchants like McAfee, Skype and give away their product or service for free when shoppers complete one offer from blue-chip advertisers (e.g. send flowers from FTD, sign up for Blockbuster or buy clothes from Gap). TrialPay pays the merchant the full value of the free product–and often even more–using revenue from the advertiser.


TrialPay works with 5,000 industry-leading merchants across many verticals including online games, publishing, retail and subscription services. And TrialPay has become particularly popular with software publishers, as more computer users expect software to be free or included in computer purchases. For example, the free version of Lavasoft's tremendously popular anti-spyware title Ad-Aware has been downloaded more than a quarter of a billion times, but many users stick with the free edition instead of upgrading to the more feature-rich Ad-Aware Plus for $26.95.

"A certain percentage of freeware users will never buy Ad-Aware outright," said Michael Helander, Lavasoft's Vice President of Marketing. "Then something like TrialPay comes along to monetize free users without cannibalizing standard sales. We've seen such incredible results with TrialPay that we still have a hard time believing it."

TrialPay helps Lavasoft sell more than 5,000 additional units per month by letting customers transact with the brand of their choice. Through this partnership Lavasoft makes hundreds of thousands of dollars and acquires loyal customers who are grateful for the great deal that Lavasoft made possible.

"TrialPay provides the power of choice and the benefit of a free product to turn more browsers into buyers for our merchant partners," said Alex Rampell, TrialPay's CEO. "More than 10 million users have learned that they can get a free product with every purchase through TrialPay, and in our current economy, this unique benefit helps sellers and shoppers alike." To see TrialPay in action, visit our partner download site: To read the Lavasoft case study, visit:

About TrialPay

TrialPay is the only payment method that increases a customer's willingness to pay. Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and other standard payment options process transactions but they do nothing to boost sales. TrialPay entices shoppers to complete their purchase by giving a 2-for-1 with every transaction. Shoppers get their original product for free by completing one offer from blue-chip advertisers. With TrialPay, everyone wins: merchants make more sales from their current traffic, advertisers acquire new customers on a pay-for-performance basis and shoppers get a free product with every purchase.

TrialPay works with more than 5,000 premium merchants, including McAfee, The Wall Street Journal, Skype, and other industry leaders in software, games, publishing, online services and retail. TrialPay currently has more than 10 million registered users and adds 40,000 new users every day. For more information, visit


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