TruKid™, the Award-Winning Line of Natural Products for Children, Gives Kids a Rhyme and Reason to Stay Safe in the Sun

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Parents hoping for cheers instead of struggles while helping their tots get ready for a day in the sun need look no further. TruKid™, the award-winning line of safe, natural skin and hair care products for children, is helping parents make getting ready for playtime a breeze with their “Sunny Days” song and NEW TruKid’s Sunny Days SPF 30+ sunscreen.

Known for good-for-your-kids skincare and sunscreen products that are natural, Phthalate, SLS, BPA, Gluten & Paraben free, and offer excellent UVA/UVB SPF protection, TruKid also values the importance of teaching healthy habits at a young age. In fact, along side of the product line, the brand has created an educational component for parents and kids including a “Toxic Bad Guys List,” “Healthy Habits checklists,” and a “Silly Songs Music CD” to make learning healthy habits fun and informative.

Jennifer Adams Bunkers, the creator and owner of TruKid, has another incredibly important title – serving as Chief Mom to six adoring children. Her mission? It’s personal. “I constantly struggled to find products for my children – especially sunscreens – that were safe, natural and also had a good scent and texture that my kids liked and would actually use,” says Ms. Adams Bunkers. “My next step was to create a positive experience that made boring routines fun, while using the products. I am thrilled to help share my secrets and tools to make healthy habits happen with other parents and families through TruKid.”

The Sunny Days SPF 30+ sunscreen is available in an easy to apply moisturizing lotion available in 2 sizes (3.5 oz. Tubes and 2.0 oz Tubes) and a kid-friendly, fun-tested, family-approved, water resistant Sunny Days SPF 30+ Face Stick. The mineral based, non-greasy stick stands strong against the summer sun and will have your kids singing for joy.

TruKid has a dual-commitment to parents and children to deliver beneficial natural products, while helping to teach their children healthy habits that will last beyond the beach and boogie board – and hopefully a lifetime. This commitment is proudly displayed on the brand Web site,, in the “Just for Kids” section, where kids and parents can search through songs, rhymes, product application guides, lifestyle tips and even a printable daytime/bedtime checklist rewards program.

The most popular tool is the TruKid music CD, “Silly Songs for Healthy Habits,” offering eight original songs written by Jessy Ginnan and recorded by none other than Ms. Adams Bunkers children. “I worked with Jessy to develop the CD, because I know from experience that kids learn when they’re having fun,” says Ms. Adams Bunkers. “My family has always had a tradition of singing in shower and the Silly Songs teach good skincare habits while reinforcing a healthy message. My kids thought it would be fun to sing along and share their songs with friends.”

TruKid original songs make boring routines fun and easy and are set to the tune of popular children’s songs, such as “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat” and “On Top of Ole Smokey.” Sample songs can be downloaded directly from the brand site One of the most popular sun protecting and playful tunes is “Sunny Days,” teaching children the steps to correct sun block application.

Sunny Days : To be sung while using TruKid Sunny Days SPF 30+ sunscreen. It helps distract them for the chore of “sunscreening” up for a day of play!

Sunny Days and I’m gonna play I’m gonna play all day Ill sing my song so sing along while the sunny day we’ll play

Start with your face! Squirt plop rub rub rub Squirt plop rub rub rub That’s how I use my sunscreen Squirt plop rub rub rub

Down to your arms and chest! Squirt plop rub rub rub Squirt plop rub rub rub That’s how I use my sunscreen Squirt plop rub rub rub

Now onto your belly! Squirt plop rub rub rub Squirt plop rub rub rub That’s how I use my sunscreen Squirt plop rub rub rub

Down to your legs and toes! Squirt plop rub rub rub Squirt plop rub rub rub That’s how I use my sunscreen Squirt plop rub rub rub

Squirt plop rub rub rub….

“Songs, checklists, guides and more allow kids to interact with our brand while associating healthy behavior with a positive experience,” says Ms. Adams Bunkers. “We want kids to be proud of feeling clean and cuddly, while learning good habits from playtime to bedtime.”

To officially celebrate being a “clean kid,” kids are invited– after receiving approval from their parents – to become an honorary TruKid Team Member. As a member, kids are declaring to the world that they are a healthy and active kid who loves to eat right, be kind to others and take care of the planet. TruKid offers a printable Honorary Team Member badge that can be colored and worn proudly.

“Each of our programs is designed to inspire favorable routines, while using products that parents and kids can feel great about using,” says Ms. Adams Bunkers. “If I can assist one family in maintaining a safe, fun, skincare regimen, I will consider my mission a success.”

About TruKid TruKid was developed by Jennifer Adams Bunkers, CEO and mother of six, who utilized her fifteen-plus years of experience in sourcing, product development and manufacturing. TruKid is committed to providing quality products and education to consumers in a safe, fun and effective manner, while encouraging a healthy, well rounded lifestyle. TruKid: Our product is skincare, our business is healthy living™. For more information, visit


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