TruKid’s All-Natural Skincare Line Offers Healthy Alternatives to Potentially Toxic Products for Kids

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Recent news exposing national brand name products for their harmful ingredients highlight the fact that safe skincare for kids and parents is a critical issue. Some popular product lines for kids contain skin irritants, carcinogens and organ sensitizers. These chemicals may be linked to breast tumors, early puberty in girls, reproductive problems and urinary tract infections. It’s really important to steer clear of products containing the following chemicals:

1. A “fragrance ingredient” because they may contain phthalates 2. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a known irritant which may contain a hidden carcinogen 3. Parabens are chemicals which act like an estrogen in the body

TruKid’s healthy ingredients set us apart and offer a safe alternative to other toxic products on the market. Our ingredients are free of all potentially harmful ingredients. We are in collaboration with The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Healthy Child, Healthy World to ensure the safety of our products.

As an entrepreneur and mother of six, CEO Jennifer Adams Bunkers says, “Products free of chemicals are absolutely necessary when it comes to purchasing skincare for kids.”

Adams Bunkers vision is to deliver beneficial products to parents looking for natural solutions that will teach their children healthy habits early. Along with our products, we have created education for parents and kids including our toxic bad guys list, our silly songs music CD and Healthy Habits checklists to impart this vision.

Our products are also stamped with the “TruKid™ Smart Label” seal of approval, which promises that our products are pure and natural.

Important TruKid Points: Young children’s skin absorbs up to three times more chemical substances through their skin then adults do 90 percent of personal care products on the market contain potentially harmful chemicals TruKid products are safe and free of toxic ingredients like Parabens and SLS

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Felicity Odell