Truzted Inc. – Shifting the Paradigm in Healthcare and Personal Safety

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Truzted Inc. to launch the world’s first fully-automated, cross-platform mobile emergency and health monitor app that allows users worldwide to receive timely emergency care, even if they are unconscious.

Truzted, Inc. announced plans to launch the first-ever fully automated emergency and health app for smartphones and tablets, available in September 2015. Using patent-pending technology, the app will: Recognize when users are incapacitated, whether at home or when traveling worldwide, and notify emergency services of the user’s condition and exact location via secure channels–all on its own Monitor users’ health and alert users to changes in their health condition, their risk of certain health problems, and even if the food they are about to eat or purchase will exacerbate existing medical conditions Help medical professionals diagnose and treat users more accurately Coordinate care for children, other dependents and pets left behind when their parent or caregiver experiences an emergency Allow users to outlive their physical body and guide their unfinished projects to term. Inspired by real-life crises, the groundbreaking Truzted app can be used in any situation where a user’s life is endangered, requiring emergency help. “We hear constantly about celebrities and people from all walks of life dying of heart attacks and drug overdoses, etc… Their lives might have been saved if they could have gotten immediate help,” said Mel Vincent, founder and CEO of Truzted Inc. “I want to help make sure everyone can get the medical attention they need, even when they cannot lift a finger to help themselves.”

The Truzted app, now in development, will be the first of its kind, requiring no user input to provide lifesaving help in case of emergency. Truzted will not require users to be near computers or base stations, to wear pendants or bracelets, or even to press a button, an action that may be impossible in an emergency situation. Truzted is the next generation in global health, personal safety and emergency rescue for everyone, everywhere, at any time. Truzted will market its services with the tagline, ““Never Alone, Never Unprotected, Even When You Are By Yourself!”

Truzted provides secure communication to protect users’ privacy and facilitates independence and confidentiality, including the use of aliases. With Truzted, users can get help without jeopardizing their privacy or emotional well-being. “The advantage of this software is that it cannot gossip or judge you and there is no middle man,” observed Vincent.

If a Truzted user experiences a heart attack, stroke, drug overdose, pacemaker malfunction, diabetic crisis or other emergency, the app contacts local emergency response channels and communicates their exact condition and circumstances to medical personnel. With Truzted, first responders can know what is happening before they arrive on the scene.

Medical professionals can access the user’s up-to-date medical information as well as users’ vital metrics for trends in heart rate, blood pressure, and other data, in order to make accurate diagnoses, give accurate treatments and prescribe/administer proper amounts of medication.

Using evidence-based practice, Truzted’s state-of-the-art Health Monitor can alert users to changes in their medical condition and suggest medical diagnosis and treatments to discuss with a doctor. During an emergency response incident, Truzted will provide recommended steps for conscious users to take while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

The Truzted system is HIPAA compliant. Once an emergency response is triggered, Truzted’s comprehensive system will notify the user’s doctors and loved ones to direct them to hospitals or even to care for children and pets left behind. Loved ones may also be directed to asset locations, including legal documents, investment and banking records, or to pay bills. Each user can customize and control his or her Truzted experience.

“I wanted to create a resource to help others after watching a succession of news accounts of celebrities and others who died unexpectedly of perfectly avoidable deaths, and after experiencing a near-death experience myself. One morning in early March 2010, I was alone in the house with my infant son. I had not been well that morning, so I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t make much of it. As I was preparing breakfast, I slowly lost consciousness. I was not able to yell for help or pick up the phone to call 911, although the phone was right in front of me. In addition to my own health emergency, I worried about my son’s well-being being negatively affected by my emergency: I could be lucky and be discovered in time by accident and get hospitalized, or I could pass away. Either way, my son would be negatively impacted, because I had no way to let the police know what was to happen to him. These concerns inspired the inclusion of care coordination for dependents in the revolutionary Truzted,” Vincent explained. Truzted provides peace of mind to parents who want emergency officials and others to know exactly where to find resources and what to do for their minor children and other dependents, including their pets, in an emergency.

“Another unfortunate, but quite common and dangerous scenario is being treated in an emergency room for the first time while you are unconscious. The problem with this scenario is that the hospital does not have your medical records or information about any special needs you may have and therefore risks giving you potentially harmful treatments. With Truzted, this won’t happen. Users will no longer need to tattoo their special needs on their chest or forearm in the hope that a nurse or a doctor will see it,” Vincent explained.

“All you need to use Truzted is the smartphone or tablet you already have. Your phone and the app just need to be “ON” for Truzted to work. You can operate Truzted remotely for your parents or children from your own smartphone. We are partnering with the best experts in the medical field, IT, engineering, and biotechnology,” said Vincent. “Our mission is to save lives.”

In addition, Truzted’s advanced tracking system can be a lifesaver in cases of kidnapping, abductions and domestic violence. The Truzted system can be used anywhere in the world where the user’s device will operate. Truzted provides an easy interface between users, first responders and health professionals wherever they are in world and allows them to communicate in their preferred languages. It uses geographic tracking to automatically identify appropriate emergency numbers and local languages.

“It is our expectation that Truzted will help stop preventable deaths and disabilities due to delayed care, increase the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment, decrease medical errors, and help find cures for diseases,” said Vincent. Truzted’s global Automated Emergency Help feature will be offered free for everyone, everywhere.

Truzted is the home of the best online doctors and telemedicine companies. All telepresence organizations and virtual doctors are invited to join the Truzted global health network after its beta phase. Strict admission criteria will ensure the best doctors are available to the user.

Truzted is seeking crowdfunding to raise at least $2.8 million U.S. to cover the costs associated with preliminary development. Additional crowdfunding beyond the initial goal will allow Truzted to expand, with live support, advanced communication centers, research centers, a health and safety-specific resource-sharing platform and a global health network. Non-tax-deductible financial contributions can be



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