TubeMogul Acquires Flash Player Analytics Firm Illumenix

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — TubeMogul, the Web’s most popular syndication and tracking service for online video, announced the acquisition of video metrics firm Illumenix today.

TubeMogul is a service that provides online video producers a way to automatically syndicate their videos to over 20 video sharing sites (e.g. YouTube). Once a video is live, TubeMogul then tracks views, comments and ratings across sites and (for paying users) demographic and other audience data.

Illumenix extends this product offering through its suite of patent-pending tools that track data far beyond the traditional metric of video “views.” At an individual video level, Illumenix is able to track viewer engagement, including how much of a video is actually watched, what the most popular segments of a video are, when a viewer clicks away and much more. At a site-wide level, Illumenix is also able to track minutes-viewed by category and viewer behavior around the content as a whole. And in a world where video is embedded everywhere, Illumenix is also able to report on what sites video views are coming from, including referring sites and search terms. TubeMogul envisions three types of clients for Illumenix’s advanced video metrics, made more viable by the partnership: video sharing sites, advertisers/marketing agencies and TubeMogul’s existing clients, content creators.

Video-sharing sites stand to gain from Illuminex’s statistics measuring not only an audience’s engagement with content, but also macro-level reporting on viewer behavior like number of videos watched and peak times of day. Such metrics yield insights that help in optimizing site architecture and selecting what content to feature. In addition, Illumenix also offers technical performance metrics that are unique in the industry, including stream quality and speed, bandwidth delivered and how many viewers are lost due to quality problems–all reported by geographic region.

TubeMogul’s current users, which number over 40,000 and are comprised of content creators like CBS or prominent video bloggers like “Fred,” also stand to benefit from the additional services since many of them host videos on their own sites in addition to uploading to video sites like YouTube. For them, TubeMogul will now be able to offer rich engagement and other statistics about their own site side-by-side with their viewership data on YouTube and elsewhere.

Currently, Illumenix has a growing user base, tracking hundreds of millions of streams per month. Clients include “Internet Television” pioneer Revision3 and eBaum’s World, a comedy site that averages about 30 million streams a month. “Illumenix helped us solve problems we weren’t even aware of, like video delivery quality issues,” comments Jason Martorana, Chief Operating Officer of eBaum’s World. “The ability to dissect large amounts of audience engagement, content usage data, and share it with our content providers, is helping us to significantly improve our site.”

“We are impressed with the Illumenix team and their early traction,” comments Brett Wilson, CEO and co-founder of TubeMogul. “We have overlapping customers that need both distribution and analytics, and a combined entity will solve both problems,” he says.

Jason Lopatecki, co-founder of Illumenix, is equally upbeat: “we are really two parts of the same product,” he said. “TubeMogul’s brand and large list of loyal users make this deal all the more powerful.”