TubeMogul Launches BrandSights, the World’s First Targetable Brand Survey Tool

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — TubeMogul introduced BrandSights today, the world’s first [brand survey tool built directly into a media buying platform for video advertising.

BrandSights empowers marketers to easily create and launch surveys targeted to the exact sites, geographies and audiences of their choice -- all from a single platform. Whether the goal is maximizing message recall or purchasing intent, survey insights are available in real-time to give marketers actionable data to optimize a campaign while it runs. For instance, if a particular site excels at raising message association among men, marketers can increase spend on that site (and reduce others). The best part: BrandSights is free to clients, who only pay for the cost of media to display surveys to their target audience. BrandSights also works seamlessly with TubeMogul’s existing brand survey partners.

The results simplify what is often a complicated process of not only measuring effectiveness, but acting on the latest consumer sentiment as a campaign proceeds to maximize impact per dollar spent on video advertising. All standard brand lift metrics are supported, including awareness, message association, favorability and purchase consideration or intent. Surveys appear as standard banner ads with up to five customizable questions. Most powerfully, BrandSights lets marketers control for and report across every variable affecting a video campaign’s effectiveness, including audience segments, geographies and sites for both exposed and control groups to see how each component independently affects lift.

“All too often, brand surveys are run after a campaign, affording little opportunity to optimize based on how a specific audience or region is reacting,” says Patricia Wilson, Founding Partner of BrandCottage. “BrandSights changes the game by letting us change media strategy based on persuasion and branding metrics in real-time, which is powerful."

Beyond data from individual campaigns or accounts, TubeMogul is also announcing the launch of market-wide branding data. Compiled from large, ongoing surveys run through BrandSights, the data will update in real-time on pages, with custom date ranges and interactive graphics.

“BrandSights is the first brand survey tool to align real-time optimization and control with what a brand marketer really cares about, like whether someone remembers a brand or plans to purchase,” says Brett Wilson CEO and Co-Founder of TubeMogul. “The beauty is this is all in the same platform they are using to buy media so audience comparisons are both direct and actionable.”

About TubeMogul TubeMogul is the only video marketing company built for branding. By integrating real-time media buying, ad serving, targeting optimization and brand measurement into its PlayTime platform, TubeMogul simplifies the delivery of video ads and maximizes the impact of every dollar spent by brand marketers. Founded in 2006, TubeMogul is based in Emeryville, CA with offices in Toronto, New York, London, Sydney, Singapore, Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles.


David Burch