TubeMogul Launches First 100% Transparent Video Ad Network

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — TubeMogul today introduced PlayTime™, the advertising industry’s first 100 percent transparent video ad network.

PlayTime features videos as standalone content within social media, such as Facebook games and apps, and on comScore 250 publisher sites. Using its patent-pending Mass Audience Segmentation Technology (MAST), PlayTime targets viewers at a per-stream level to maximize a video’s play time with target audiences. With PlayTime, advertisers only pay for videos watched.

PlayTime’s launch comes amid growing dissatisfaction with the lack of transparency and accountability among existing video ad networks. Chief among advertisers’ concerns is not knowing where views are happening. Although popular video ad networks provide site lists, advertisers are typically kept totally in the dark about how many views occur on each site, where placements are on a page or how long viewers are actually watching. “There is a gap between what an advertiser thinks they are buying and what they are buying,” BrightRoll CEO Tod Sacerdoti told ADWEEK.

In contrast, PlayTime delivers unprecedented transparency – lets advertisers see and control exactly what they’re buying – by using TubeMogul’s industry standard InPlay analytics that allow advertisers to compare performance metrics across placements in real-time.

For the first time, advertisers can know what sites views are coming from and in what numbers, whether views are click-to-play or auto-play, how long viewers watch before clicking away, what search terms they are using to find a video, whether the video is shared or embedded, plus much, much more. This wealth of data is presented in a self-serve dashboard for advertisers, with easy tools for export, sharing and collaboration.

TubeMogul’s confidence in opening the hood comes from its proprietary collaborative filtering and targeting technology. By constantly collecting and analyzing detailed viewer preference and engagement data on billions of monthly video streams from the Internet’s top video sites and platforms, TubeMogul can pinpoint placements to audiences who will actually watch advertisers’ videos longer, guaranteed. Early field tests of TubeMogul’s collaborative filtering and targeting technology yields increases in video viewing-time between 200 percent and 300 percent compared to control groups.

“Transparency in video advertising matters now more than ever,” comments Brian Monahan, SVP at Universal McCann Worldwide. “As brand advertisers increasingly focus on the audience delivered as opposed to impressions and clicks delivered, the industry is going to need more networks like PlayTime that give media buyers more visibility to the end user experience.”

“PlayTime is essentially AdSense for brand advertisers, bringing the performance metrics of search to online video advertising for the first time,” said Brett Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of TubeMogul. “I think PlayTime will change video advertising forever.”

About TubeMogul TubeMogul’s mission is to get online videos watched and watched longer by highly targeted TV-sized audiences. TubeMogul services are powered by the company’s unprecedented data platform that processes billions of video streams every month from the Internet’s top publishers to know precisely who is watching what and where online. Advertisers and marketers never again have to choose engagement and accountability over reach if they use TubeMogul’s online video distribution, analytics and video ad network. More play time is yours at

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David Burch