TubeMogul Launches IAB Digital Video Rising Stars Ad Units

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — TubeMogul today announced that it supports all five of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB’s) Digital Video Rising Stars.

In February, the IAB unveiled the winners of its Digital Video Rising Stars competition in which five interactive video formats were added as standards for the digital advertising industry. These new standards allow for more brand-to-consumer engagement by driving increased consumer interaction.

The formats include:     Filmstrip – scrollable, multipanel, horizontal unit     Ad Control Bar – sitting above the player controls, an elegant interface allowing viewers to engage in multiple ways, if they so choose     TimeSync – rich ad content overlaid on video, changing in sync with video ad content     Extender– allows viewer to choose to continue viewing ad content     Full Screen – invites viewer to interact and then fills player with full canvas of interaction possibilities including more video, social and catalogs, among other features

All of these formats are now available on TubeMogul’s platform, powered by Innovid’s iRoll® technology. Already integrated with TubeMogul’s platform for over a year, iRoll® is the leading solution for transforming online video ads into interactive experiences.

The results let marketers easily deploy the new formats as part of a broader campaign, setting global frequency targets and optimizing based on which format is working – and where – in real-time. Custom reporting on interaction rates – such as whether a viewer looks at paint color options on the latest SUV or clicks to schedule a test drive – is built-in, along with TubeMogul’s existing metrics to measure brand impact, like BrandSights to quantify lift in message recall and purchase intent.

“While brand marketers are often rightly skeptical of the dizzying array of new formats they are pitched every day, our platform lets them test these new standards for themselves in a simple, targeted way,” says Brett Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of TubeMogul. “We have been working closely with Innovid to maximize the potential of interactive video, and we think brand marketers will be pleased with the results.”

“We have long known that interactivity in video advertising boosts brand recall, and the IAB’s Rising Stars have brought broad awareness to five of the formats that have proven the most effective,” said Zvika Netter, CEO of Innovid.

About TubeMogul TubeMogul is the leader in programmatic brand marketing. The world’s largest brands and agencies centralize their video advertising on TubeMogul’s enterprise platform. Created specifically for brand marketers, TubeMogul's platform enables the execution of scalable digital video campaigns, while providing the measurability and accountability marketers demand. Founded in 2006, TubeMogul is based in Emeryville, CA with offices in New York, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, Austin and Los Angeles.

About Innovid Backed by Sequoia Capital, Innovid is the leading global platform for interactive pre-roll and video ad serving, recognized by Streaming Media magazine as one of the top 100 companies with greatest impact on streaming media industry. Innovid developed the groundbreaking iRoll®, the de-facto standard for interactive video advertising, supported by 90% of the publishers in the US, including: Yahoo, AOL, MTV, NBC, CBS, ABC, VEVO and 100% of the US video ad networks. The Innovid platform is used in campaigns for most of the top global brands. Innovid's agency video ad server enables seamless delivery of video ads across platforms and devices, Desktops, Mobile, Tablets and Connected TVs, allowing advertisers to create a consistent brand experience independent of where the user sees an ad.

For more information, contact: David Burch, Director of Communications david(at)tubemogul(dot)com


David Burch