TubeMogul Simplifies Audience Targeting Across Video Formats

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — PlayTime, TubeMogul’s brand-focused video advertising platform that combines the efficiency of real-time media buying with the branding power of video advertising, launched a suite of new audience targeting capabilities today. The new features let brand advertisers reach highly-targeted, discrete audiences across in-stream and display placements.

At the outset of a campaign, clients can choose which audiences to target across a set of pre-selected and contextually relevant sites. From there, marketers can seamlessly choose third-party audience segments based on consumer intent, demographics, purchase history and interests by utilizing TubeMogul’s audience selector tool. Participating data providers include BlueKai, Acxiom, DataLogix, IXI, Lotame, Nielsen, ShareThis, RapLeaf and TARGUSinfo. TubeMogul synchronizes audience segments in real-time with data providers so that segments are always up to date and available for immediate use.

Marketers and publishers can also choose to target their own audiences or utilize existing first-party data. Re-targeting is as easy as creating a pixel within TubeMogul’s interface, then placing it wherever an advertiser wants to identify an audience. For instance, to retarget site visitors (i.e. on a brand micro-site), the pixel is simply added to the desired pages’ code. Advertisers can also narrow in on audiences that interact with a given ad by adding the pixel to the ad unit itself, retargeting only viewers that complete a video, share it on Facebook and much more. Lastly, TubeMogul can integrate with an advertiser’s existing Data Management Platform (DMP) such as Aggregate Knowledge, Turn or BlueKai.

“Using audience data inherently involves a lot of experimenting and tweaking, and we typically see great lift in purchase intent and product recall following video exposure ,” said John Grudnowski, CEO of FRWD. “To have this all accessible with built-in reporting opens up more possibilities to make an impact across media inventory. It’s very interesting.”

With this level of control and precision, TubeMogul can guarantee advertisers that their target audience is reached, verifying the results in real-time by using proprietary and third-party data. As always, PlayTime comes with built-in optimization to maximize impact, along with transparent pricing, site selection and reporting.

Combined with PlayTime’s scope across video ad formats — including leading pre-roll, in-display, mobile and social media inventory — and scale across billions of ad auctions per day, the branding possibilities are endless. To reach a target for an airline, for instance, a marketer might buy pre-roll on upper-income males that researched resorts in Jamaica in the past 48 hours, then retarget viewers that clicked through to book a flight with a mobile video ad describing the airline’s new smartphone application for managing flights. Or, for a brand of dishwashing soap, TubeMogul might target “soccer moms,” then retarget viewers that downloaded a coupon with longer-form, in-display videos to drive deeper engagement and social network sharing with other moms.

“Consumers are constantly adapting, forming opinions of a brand and making last-minute purchase decisions,” said Brett Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of TubeMogul. “Video advertisers deserve tools that are as nuanced as these customers and the measurement to see if they are working.”

About TubeMogul TubeMogul is the only video marketing company built for branding. As a demand side platform for video, TubeMogul integrates real-time media buying, ad serving, targeting optimization and brand measurement into its PlayTime platform. Over half of the Fortune 500 use TubeMogul to simplify the delivery of video ads in any format, optimize the impact of their brand message and maximize the effect of every dollar they spend.

Founded in 2006, TubeMogul is based in Emeryville, CA with offices in New York, London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto and Sydney.


David Burch