Two Times a Week to Tango? Partners in Passion Authors Featured on Jezebel

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — How often are happy couples intimate? How often should unhappy couples aim to be intimate? Jezebel recently looked into an anecdote of therapists recommending intimacy twice a week for couples in a rough patch. While Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson, authors of Partners in Passion, didn't have "a hard and fast rule about how often to do it," they did have some expert guidance. "We recommend scheduling sex and being sure to make it happen regularly," Johnson said. "If you waited until you were 'in the mood' to go to the gym, your fitness and overall health would suffer…The same goes for your sex life, which needs regular exercise."

Partners in Passion proposes alternative models of long-term connection, founded on mutuality, a collaborative mindset, empathy and transparency. It features interviews with long-term couples and includes an extensive resource guide that covers everything from health to erotica, with excellent advice from many of today’s leading sexuality and relationship educators. Happily married partners in passion themselves, award-winning authors Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson provide readers with a fun, step-by-step manual to creating a lasting, loving and erotic relationship.


Brenda Knight