U3 Smart AntiVirus Data Protection

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — DriveSentry have released U3 support for their popular portable, GoAnywhere, antivirus product. Consumers are now able to protect their personal data on the move without having to rely on host based security software to provide the protection.

SanDisk and U3 have published DriveSentry GoAnywhere on the popular site http://www.software.U3.com based on strong, portable, antivirus, security, ease of use, reliability and customer confidence in support for future evolution of the mobile security product set. “With the high correlation between data security and mobile storage, DriveSentry continues to provide end users with the security tools and technology they require to efficiently and effectively protect their personal data from malware,” said John Safa, Chief Technology Officer, DriveSentry. “As individuals increasingly access data from mobile locations, they must ask themselves if the data they are carrying with them is truly protected by standard security platforms that are all too often tethered to host system environments.”

On U3.com visitors can now download the free trial version of DriveSentry GoAnywhere which retails at just $10. Unlike other antivirus software the charge is a one off payment and NOT an annual subscription. “This simple pricing policy for such intuitive and powerful antivirus tool is perfect for the U3 site,” said Mike Maurice, Sales Director, DriveSentry. He continued “users are instantly impressed by the level of security provided by the U3 GoAnywhere product, GoAnywhere is a truely mobile application allowing users to move data from system to system, safe in the knowledge that the data will not be corrupted by viruses or malware”

DriveSentry GoAnywhere provides independent, standalone antivirus protection for U3 enabled, USB drives. It does this by monitoring all access to the drive. On every read or write attempt it connects to the DriveSentry Advisor server to verify the identity of the program attempting to access the device    The online Advisor server holds the identity of over a million whitelisted good programs, blacklisted bad programs and community-based Advisor files. On the rare occasion when a file or application can not be identified, the user is warned. As the DriveSentry user base continues to rapidly increase, a greater range of program statistics are collected and made available to the Community through the online Advisor facility, therefore considerably reducing the number unknown programs. If GoAnywhere cannot contact Advisor for any reason the user is warned on any attempt to access data on the USB flash drive.

About DriveSentry DriveSentry is a pioneer in next generation security 2.0 antivirus software for hard drives that protect digital assets and personal data. The company was founded in 2005 with a mission to provide zero-day protection against new and emerging security threats. DriveSentry was recently commended for its innovative approach to IT security, after receiving a medal in the Information Security and Data Management Project Award category at the 2007 BCS IT Industry Awards. DriveSentry has received the accolade of Checkmark Certification, the world’s fastest growing certification system for information security products and services. Checkmark Certification is awarded following an independent assessment of the performance of security software carried out by the West Coast Labs Technology Forum, a group of senior IT security professionals from major corporate organizations around the world.

DriveSentry is a privately held company with offices in Mountain View, California and Nottingham, England. Further information can be found at http://www.drivesentry.com.

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Mike Quinn