Unitek Education Gives Back to the Community with EMT Training Scholarships for Excellence and Success

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Unitek Education’s popular 14-day EMT Boot Camp has added something new to its already successful program: four scholarships for those who normally would be unable to attend.

The EMT Boot Camp provides a level of preparedness that lets graduates make an immediate contribution by providing life-saving care in emergency response situations. Not simply content to do an exemplary job of preparing EMTs to perform to the highest standards, Unitek Education embodies the idea of giving back to the community. This year they did so by offering four scholarships to program applicants who would not otherwise have been able to attend their EMT Boot Camp.

The final four applicants chosen as EMT scholarship recipients come from different backgrounds, each with different goals and aspirations, but three common threads unite them: a deeply caring spirit, an eagerness to serve, and the knowledge that the path to their own success lies in improving the lives of others.

These scholarships from Unitek Education made it possible for four of the many applicants to do exactly that.

In addition to compassion and the desire to serve, the recipients were intelligent, determined, and had the will to succeed in achieving their goals.

For some, their goal was simply to be able to make a living and support themselves, while helping support their families. For others, the goal of becoming an EMT supported their greater goal of continuing their education in healthcare, and advancing beyond their skills and experiences as EMTs to become doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

Many of the applications contained recommendations praising the hard work and determination of these young people through athletic achievements, balancing near-full-time jobs with the work needed to maintain high academic standards, and taking an active role in extra-curricular activities through their churches, schools, and communities.

With so many worthy applicants, choosing only four to award the EMT Scholarships proved incredibly difficult, but Unitek Education is more than satisfied with the final four EMT Scholars chosen.

It is clear that the recipients will make good use of the opportunities these scholarships provide. In reaching out to help these four candidates who might otherwise not have been able to attend the EMT Boot Camp program, Unitek Education continues the tradition of helping make a difference to the lives of many through EMT training.

About Unitek Education Unitek Education’s EMT Boot Camp is a comprehensive 14-day EMT program providing intensive instruction and certification. For more information about the unique experiences and rewards of a career in emergency medical services, visit our EMT Career page or call Unitek Education at (888)-790-1458.


Mher Sousanian