uNu Electronics Inc. Announces the Release of the U-Try Product Improvement Program

Union City, California (EastBayDaily) — uNu Electronics Inc., a trailblazer in the portable power category, today announced the unveiling of the U-Try Product Improvement Program. The “U-Try” program offers members free samples of current and upcoming products in exchange for unbiased feedback on the offered products.

Once a member is enrolled in the program, they will be sent a free sample product to review. These product feedbacks will be then communicated to uNu and posted by the reviewer on his or her own internet platform accounts to be shown to the public. In this way, uNu will try to create a vast network of reviewers ranging from consumer electronic experts to every-day users, who will determine the overall benefit of the products they review.

“We welcome the idea of having consumers have the chance to review our products positively or negatively so that we may continually improve our products." Said Sen Cai, C.E.O. of uNu. “This approach not only provides better products, but also provides additional transparency between manufacturer and consumer and can spark meaningful dialogue on the best ways to improve the mobile-power experience.”

How to Join To join the U-Try Program simply go to http://www.myunu.com/utry and fill out the submission form. Entry into the program will be decided on a first-come first-serve basis as well as on additional qualifications listed below. Entry into the program is limited.

Who Qualifies To qualify all applicants must reside in the U.S.

What kinds of products are offered? uNu caters to many different types of electronic devices, therefore, the products we ask to be reviewed can greatly differ. All of the products we give to our reviewers are final products which we expect to release to the public. U-TRY users will be our first “customers” and will have the ability to voice their opinions. In this way, we can have unbiased feedback on all of our products so that we may improve similar products in the future.

For More Info For additional information on the U-Try program, visit http://www.myunu.com/utry or contact services(at)myunu(dot)com.

About uNu uNu Electronics Inc. is a global manufacturer and distributor of mobile-electronic accessories. uNu’s unwavering belief in creating innovative designs, delivering reliable products, and providing exceptional customer service have made us one of the biggest leaders in mobile power accessories. Based in Union City, CA with international production facilities, uNu caters to clients on a global scale. For any additional information regarding the U-Try Reviewer Program or any other uNu products please visit our webpage at http://www.myunu.com, Facebook at facebook.com/unucases or on Twitter at twitter.com/unucase.

Media Contact: Jason Guo Director of Public Relations Jason(at)myunu(dot)com