Urban Ad Agency Crossover Creative Group Makes a Point for Richmond, CA Police Dept. Recruitment

Richmond, California (EastBayDaily) — Award-winning urban advertising and marketing communications agency Crossover Creative Group (CCG) has a propensity for creating clever and successful advertising campaigns for health and safety-related agencies, as well as corporate. This time the Company lends its distinctive creativity to develop an employment recruitment campaign for the Richmond, California Police Department (RPD), starting with a one-word teaser "Lead." The ad following the teaser is "Hiring Leaders," focused on cueing RPD recruits to think about their abilities as leaders; more of a quality than quantity message.

Billboard and bus ads for this campaign are currently visible throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, along with posters, brochures, Internet banners, newspaper ads and a newly developed website (http://www.rpdjob1.com).

Climons commented, "With all the conflicts and homicides in urban communities in particular, we deemed this campaign an appropriate depiction of what Richmond needed and what their current police officers represent to its neighborhoods–leaders."

RPD Police Chief Magnus followed, "I think the campaign shows we're not necessarily marketing to candidates interested in a police job. We are looking for people who are interested in becoming leaders in the community — who really want to commit to making a difference in Richmond."

For a similar recruitment campaign for the Oakland Police Department, the American Advertising Federation — the oldest and largest national advertising competition– presented CCG with two Addy Awards, one of which was the well-recognized "Justice Pays." billboard.

CCG has developed several winning health and safety-related ad campaigns, including for the California Highway Patrol's seatbelt usage, DUI, and child safety seat campaigns, and the haunting bus outdoor anti-smoking "Dying for a Menthol" campaign for the California Department of Health Services (Tobacco Control Section).

To learn more about the Richmond Police Department and its candidate requirements, please visit the new website that Crossover Creative Group designed for the campaign (http://www.rpdjob1.com). Click here: http://www.rpdjob1.com/NEWAPP.pdf to obtain an RPD application.

About Crossover Creative Group

Crossover Creative Group (CCG) is an urban advertising and marketing communications agency that takes a progressive approach to advertising, marketing and communications — specifically when it comes to targeting today's diverse mass markets. A Richmond, CA native, Crossover founder and Creative Director Steve Climons possesses several years of advertising experience on New York's Madison Avenue, where he worked on major brands. Crossover's focus is recognizing companies and organizations' brand value for success with their target audience in today's marketplace.

Crossover has employed unique and extensive mass market research methodologies that, along with its corporate/real-world experience in understanding and capturing mindsets get clients the results they need. The Company offers advertising experience in all the major business categories, from companies such as British Airways, Citibank, General Mills, Gulf Oil, General Motors, Heublein, McDonald's, Pacific Bell, PG&E, Procter & Gamble, Safeway, and Sony.


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