Users Rave about New Social Bookmarking Site

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — The new social bookmarking site Papaly recently launched and is getting rave reviews from users. Papaly allows their members to organize their online life so they can easily find the sites they love.

Much like Pinterest, users can create online boards to store their favorite websites, articles, video links, and more. Searching is easier as well, since users can add search buttons to their bar to easily get results from Amazon and other sites. One can edit these boards as they wish to reflect their changing tastes.

One of the unique features to the site is the fact it has cloud storage. This makes keeping one’s favorite sites organized even more secure. It also has a personal start page that can be customized based on favorite websites and interests.

One user raved, “I liked that it allows me to categorize the websites I bookmark by type, and to do it with boards. I hate how with the usual/default bookmarking tool on pretty much all browsers, you have to put bookmarks in folders, and I also usually hate the "bookmarks toolbar" thing that hogs the top of my screen. Having boards is way more intuitive and convenient, and the organization method is much more like social network and sharing apps, etc.”

Another member added, “I enjoy the idea of creating cards and sharing them, since this isn't something I'd have associated with a browser. It almost reminds me of Pinterest, but with the entire internet.”

Among the other features users cited as favorites are not clogging their toolbar up with favorite pages, the user-friendly nature of the site, the simplicity of the design, and having everything in one easily-accessible location. Others enjoy the “drag and drop” functionality.

To learn more about Papaly, or to create an account, please visit the website.


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