Valentine’s Day Pledge for Losing Weight as Couples—GreenLite Medicine Finds “Togetherness”Works

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Day to day routines and habits, such as how much time one spends watching television, what and how much is consumed on a daily basis, and sleep patterns, are all influenced by those around us the most. Since couples tend to adopt similar habits as their partners, companionship can affect weight.

A study on the “Trial of Family and Friend Support for Weight Loss in African-American Adults,” observed that subjects were most successful when their family members actively participated in losing weight. In the Journal of Sports and Medicine, a study on exercise showed that married couples participating in a program together had significantly higher attendance and a dramatically lower dropout rate than married individuals who participated alone. Only 6% of couples dropped out compared with 43% of the individual participants.

Australian researchers found that couples who change their behaviors as a team lost weight, improved their diets, exercised more and reduced their cholesterol levels, all with better success than those going at it alone. “We see this all the time in our practice,” says Dr. Sooji Rugh, founder, GreenLite Medicine Weight Loss Centers. “Couples who come in and lose weight together do better since there is that added accountability and encouragement. They help each other stay committed and get through the challenges together.”

On Valentine’s Day 2013, Dr. Rugh encourages couples to forgo the sweets and celebrate their love by pledging to work together on healthier, sustainable lifestyles.

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Dr. Sooji Rugh received her BS degree at MIT, her medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and completed her Internal Medicine residency at Harbor-UCLA. She is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. She founded GreenLite Medicine weight loss centers in 1997 in Mountain View, San Francisco, and San Jose to provide consumers with a medically-supervised weight loss program with a focus on making changes that will last a lifetime. To reach more with her personalized approach, she developed HelloGreenLite, weight loss in the cloud and Shop Greenlite. Go to and for more.


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