Vapor Deposition System Trademark Approved for Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.

Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — Yield Engineering Systems, Inc. (YES), a quality process equipment manufacturer, announced today that they have received trademark approval for their YES-LabKote Vapor Deposition system from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The YES-LabKote is a compact, tabletop vapor deposition unit ideal for Research & Development laboratories, as well as, pilot line production. Typical uses of the YES-LabKote are MEMS applications, semiconductor fabrication and an assortment of microarrays.

The silane vapor deposition process is an essential phase since the coating provides a superior silane/substrate bond that is stable after exposure to atmospheric moisture, extending the time available between process steps. A few benefits of the YES-LabKote are:     Efficient chemical usage     Repeatability     Superior uniform coatings     Minimal waste     Vacuum dehydration     Process flexibility     Cost savings/Fast ROI

“There is a growing need for precise control over nanoscale surface areas,” said Bill Moffat, Founder and CEO, “Successful surface modification requires stringent control of the interaction between the silane and substrates. Our new YES-LabKote systems offer this control at an affordable price.”

For more information regarding the YES-LabKote or Yield Engineering System’s other lines of tools, visit or contact them toll free in the USA or Canada at 888-937-3637 or worldwide at +1-925-373-8353.

About Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.

YES was founded in 1980, and is headquartered in Livermore, California, USA. They provide quality process equipment for semiconductor, photovoltaic, FPD, MEMS, medical, nanotech industries and more.

They manufacture high temperature vacuum cure ovens, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) systems, plasma etch and clean tools used for precise surface modification, surface cleaning, and thin film coating of semiconductor wafers, semiconductor and MEMS devices, biosensors and medical slides.


Nicol Williams-Pruitt
Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.