Vintage Corner Brings Excitement To Dachshund Lovers

Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — Vintage Corner is the oldest, but newest addition to the largest wiener dog site,

The Dachshund has been around for a long time and manufacturing companies have come and gone throughout the years, but the legacy of the Dachshund products they created still lives strong. Vintage Corner features high-quality Vintage Dachshund collectibles secured from estate sales and private sales around the world. In many cases, rare items can be found that have been passed down through generations. For the true Dachshund enthusiast, this is a must-see.

From brooches, German made piggy banks, planters, letter holders, decanters, figurines and the list goes on, most of these Vintage Dachshund gems are no longer in production and are limited in supply.

The Dachshund is the most celebrated breed of all dogs and the legacy of the products company's have made over the years is undeniable proof. Target, Macy's, …the list goes on. High profile mega-size companies make Dachshund themed products all the time and one day, these products will be part of Vintage Corner.

About Established in 2000, is the largest destination for all things Dachshund. was officially launched in 2008 with the purpose of helping Dachshunds by bringing fun & unique Dachshund gifts and wiener dog merchandise to the marketplace throughout the United States. 5% of every sale is donated to Dachshund Rescues and other organizations helping underprivileged Dachshunds in need. The nationwide launch was instrumental in reaching the masses so more funds could be generated to help more and more Dachshunds in need.


George Karavaras
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