Virtual Edge Summit 2009 Hosts Top Experts To Outline Powerful Benefits, Trends for ‘Hybrid’ Physical/Online Events

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Keynoters at the inaugural Virtual Events Summit 2009 will report on top trends in growing interest in 'hybrid events' – meetings and conferences which extend traditional physical in-person events with a compelling virtual online component. Presentations will include Case Studies, Product/Technology Demonstrations, Best Practices, Workshops for 'Hybrid' Physical-Virtual Events, and 1-on-1s with top providers, users and analysts.

"Our Virtual Edge Summit 2009 speakers will share what they have learned about how virtual events can boost visibility, impact and ROI from traditional programs," said Michael Doyle, General Manager and Executive Director of, producers of the summit. "We know many firms aren't ready to go 100% virtual with their outreach, so this event is providing a real-world look, not a fantasy tour, directly from today's top virtual event providers and users."

According to a recent Virtual survey, 67% of professionals responsible for traditional physical events report a drop in overall attendance, 74% are concerned about future attendance levels, 83% see the need to add virtual elements to their meetings and events.

"We have designed Virtual Edge Summit 2009 (Virtual Edge Summit) for anyone who produces events, meetings, conducts webinars or manages online web resources. All these professionals will benefit as they see first-hand how these 3 elements are blending into very exciting 'hybrid event' models for reaching prospects and maintaining high-levels of customer contacts," Doyle said.

Attend Virtual Edge Summit In-Person or Virtually (free): To demonstrate the power of 'hybrid' meeting models, Virtual Edge Summit 2009 will be held in-person (at the Santa Clara Convention Center) and virtually at the VirtualU. There will be actual presentations from virtual environments to the physical event as well as streams from the live event into virtual worlds all with live interaction with attendees. Hear from these top experts in 'hybrid' and 100% virtual events: Linden Labs (creators of Second Life), IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, SAP, On24, United Business Media, Ziff Davis, PRNewsWire, InXpo, Stream57, Digitell, George P. Johnson and more). "We're excited to demonstrate how event attendees from a company can interact between the physical and virtual event, giving them ideas on how they can use the model to support multiple attendees from the same company at their events," Doyle said. Register at Free Registration.

Probe 'Hybrid' Event Benefits by Job Responsibility Unique for this sector, Virtual Event Summit 2009 speakers will outline how to extend in-person events with low-cost and easy to use virtual options for creating 'hybrid' physical/virtual events. Sectors to be discussed include:     Event Producers/Exhibit Managers – Learn new models for how virtual extensions to physical events can enhance your support offerings for paid or in-house exhibitors.         Media Relations – Learn how new virtual capabilities bring new interest and participation from valued media targets     Customer Retention – Learn how top companies are using 'hybrid' physical/virtual events to reach new prospects and valuable long-time customers, even as travel budgets constrain the ability of these groups to attend in-person events     Community Activity – Learn how companies are integrating virtual technologies, virtual events and physical events to amplify the power of web-based community and social networking initiatives, mimicking or leveraging aspects of LinkedIn, Google and others online group models.     Your Own B2B Network – Learn how 'hybrid' physical and virtual events can be used to transform a time-limited event into a long-standing B2B corporate network with the power to maintain on-going communications with clients, media and prospects.

Virtual Event and Virtual Meeting Roadmaps…So You Can Do It Too — 'Hybrid' Event Workshops Galore! Virtual Edge Summit won't just discuss possible ROIs from these pioneering firms. The event wants to make sure participants have a clear roadmap for how they can start using 'hybrid' techniques to improve their event programs. All attendees, whether online or virtual, will be offered workshops and even 1-on-1 time with experts.    

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Michael Doyle