Virtual Event Resource Book for Marketers and Business Professionals Hits 1,000th Download

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Virtual Edge announces the 1,000th download in less than one month from launch. The Virtual Event Resource Book is available as a free downloadable ebook.

"Virtual events can cover a broad range of marketing and meeting types including virtual trade shows, webinars and webcasts, webconferencing, virtual job fairs and large and small internal and external virtual meetings. Whether it's lower travel budgets, a push for more frequent and compelling customer contact or the desire to be more green, thousands of marketing professionals and event managers want to get up to speed on Virtual Events. With little or no promotion, this book has already had over 1,000 downloads in less than a month." said Michael Doyle, General Manager and Executive Director of, publishers of the book.

Inside the Virtual Event Resource Book "Our Virtual Event Resource Book, the first-of-its-kind in this space, is a roadmap to help those executives and their staffs get up-to-speed on virtual event options, get acquainted with the providers and learn how others are putting Virtual Events and meetings to business use," Doyle said. A partial Table of Contents follows:     Virtual Events – Definitions You Should Know     A Self-Assessment: Are Virtual Events for You?     Getting Started     User Case Studies for Virtual Events     Virtual Events for Marketers     Virtual Environments for Building B2B, B2C Business     Virtual Events for 'Green' Agendas     Virtual Events for Demand Generation     8 New Rules for Capturing Business Value from Virtual Events     Mixed Virtual 'Live' Events – Recession-Proof Your Outreach     Reviews of Top Virtual Event Platforms     Overcome Common Misconceptions: Exhibitors, Speakers, Attendees and Event Organizers     How to Choose Virtual Technology, Services     Virtual Events – Best Practices

The Virtual Event Resource Book also links to many other valuable resources including articles, interviews, Virtual Event whitepapers for technologies and services, and even sample Virtual Events and webinars readers can review.

To get a free copy of the Virtual Event Resource Book go to Virtual Events Resource Book or use the link on the home page of Virtual Edge.

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Michael Doyle