Voxeleron Prepares the Release of Orion, Their Advanced OCT Analysis Software

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Orion™ is an application that offers fully-automated, rapid and accurate segmentation of seven layers in OCT images of the human retina. Currently for research use only, Orion™ follows the successful release of InSight, Voxeleron's animal OCT package and establishes Voxeleron as leaders in the development of OCT image analysis software

"The Orion software gives us the ability to measure the thickness of the nuclear layers in isolation, so is a welcome addition to our quantification tools. Moreover, this analysis is platform independent, meaning you can combine studies done with different devices. Once we complete our Beta testing of Orion, we hope to apply the software to our clinical research on a more routine basis. It addresses a gap in the existing technology that had previously hindered the utility of the OCT data. Batch processing is nice given the back-log of data we have, allowing us to do retrospective analyses. And I am looking forward to the new updates, including longitudinal analysis," said Dr. Pablo Villoslada, Director, Multiple Sclerosis Pathogenesis and Therapeutics Group IDIBAPS – Hospital Clinic in Barcelona.

“Orion is our flagship product targeted at reading centers burdened with the laborious task of manual segmentation, CROs running clinical trials lacking relevant imaging-based biomarkers, and clinical researchers overwhelmed by data and hamstrung by the limited image analysis tools available,” says Jonathan Oakley, principal and co-founder of Voxeleron. “It is the most advanced OCT analysis software package available today, and our road map is comprehensive, including change analysis in the next release.”

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Jonathan Oakley