Walnut Creek Bankruptcy Attorney Michael Primus Offers Bankruptcy Tips to Financially Troubled Individuals

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — Michael Primus, a [Walnut Creek bankruptcy attorney, offers tips and discusses common questions faced by individuals with financial troubles. Experiencing bankruptcy is certainly complicated for any individual, which is why bankruptcy lawyers, such as Michael Primus, are ready to assist anyone in need of financial relief. Below are a couple of tips on bankruptcy by Michael Primus:

One issue that most people are concerned with is if they can file for bankruptcy even if they have already filed in the past.      “Generally, the law allows people to file bankruptcy even if they have filed in the past. It's a common misconception that a person can only file once in their life,” said [Walnut Creek Bankruptcy lawyer Michael Primus.

Another concern people have is whether Chapter 13 filings completed within two years of a previous filing will forgive new debt. According to Primus, in cases such as this it is necessary to get the first Chapter 13 dismissed which will allow you to immediately file another Chapter 13. However, a court order must first be obtained to be protected from creditors.

This is just some of the advice that Michael Primus can provide to individuals in need of assistance when facing bankruptcy and his clients can rest assured that they will receive one-on-one attention and compassionate service.

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About Michael Primus

Anyone considering Bankruptcy is encouraged to call the Law Offices of Michael J. Primus for a private counseling session. Bankruptcy allows honest but unlucky individuals or couples to have their debts reduced or forgiven entirely. There are several kinds of bankruptcy cases but Chapter 13 and [Chapter 7 Bankruptcy are the most common. Michael J. Primus has 18 years of experience as a Bankruptcy Lawyer.


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