WarcraftSupreme.com Launches Comprehensive All In One World of Warcraft Guide

Castro Valley, California (EastBayDaily) — WarcraftSupreme.com has just launched its first product, the Warcraft Supreme All In One Guide, a complete compilation of guides based on the accumulated experience and knowledge of six hardcore World of Warcraft players who have played the game for over four years and have leveled up more than 25 combined characters to Level 70.

The Warcraft Supreme team has been playing World of Warcraft since early 2004, since the game’s beta phase, and has gathered countless pages of information on how to become a top player in World of Warcraft. Among other things, the team behind Warcraft Supreme has developed a refined speed leveling path for both factions, a system to create and gather gold in record time, detailed strategies and starting points for all nine classes in the game, as well as a textbook on PvP.

Warcraft Supreme promises to offer a brand new perspective on getting started in World of Warcraft and a means by which to use a Leveling Guide and a Gold Guide without needing to purchase multiple other guides. “World of Warcraft players have been buying guides since the game first released in 2004 and have not been getting the full value for their money. We wanted to bring a complete all in one guide with content covering everything in the game – from the leveling paths for Horde and Alliance to the gold tactics we’ve been using to make gold for four years,” says Dylan Talbot, one of the writers behind Warcraft Supreme.

Warcraft Supreme is a compilation of 15 separate guides, each of them detailing a different aspect of World of Warcraft gameplay from start to finish, providing strategies for both beginners and veterans alike. In each Leveling Guide, players will find detailed steps walking them through to the end of the game with maps along the way. Screenshots and images with captions to identify hard to find items and NPCs with links to the WoWHead resource have been added to provide extra depth to the guide should players need additional information. The Gold Guide provides instructional content for beginners in grinding, professions, use of the auction house, and dozens of specific gold making strategies for players between Level 1 and 70. Each of the nine Class Guides provides details on how to choose the right race for that class, which methods and strategies work best for each class, the right talent tree specifications and builds, raiding tactics, gear and statistic options, as well as fundamental strategies for completing class quests. The PvP Guide provides details on how to defeat opponents in Duels, Arena play for 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5, and each of the eight World PvP Objectives and Battlegrounds.

Months of research and preparation have been poured into the team’s compilation of class information, building up from one of the game’s truly elite teams and their years of combined knowledge and experience.

About WarcraftSupreme.com WarcraftSupreme.com provides World of Warcraft gameplay assistance for players of all levels. Warcraft Supreme All In One Guide is the first product offered by WarcraftSupreme.com, a Complete WoW Guide with detailed strategies for leveling, gold making, class mastery, and PvP. Owner and founder, Bruce Damon, along with his team of five hardcore WoW players has built a guide that is devoted to helping every World of Warcraft player it can.

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The Warcraft Supreme Team