Waterline Data Listed as a “Data Discovery Accelerator” by Independent Research Firm

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Waterline Data, the automated data discovery for Hadoop company, today announced that it has been recognized as a “data discovery accelerator” by Forrester Research, Inc., through the research report "Boost Your Business Insights By Converging Big Data And BI", published March 25, 2015.

“Hit the ground running with data discovery accelerators … A good rule of thumb in any BI (and actually most ERP, CRM, and other enterprise business software) initiative is to assume that 80% of the effort is going to center around data integration activities. And anecdotal evidence supports a similar 80% effort within data integration just to identify and profile data sources. This leads us to an educated assumption that companies spend around 64% (as in 80% times 80%) of any BI initiative on identifying and profiling data sources. Given that the process is mostly manual, that’s a huge chunk of change! To partially offset manual effort, Forrester recommends that AD&D pros working on BI and big data initiatives consider the so called “data discovery accelerators” as a:”     Way to automate and speed up discovery and profiling of data sources: “These tools provide capabilities to automatically identify, label, and metatag data sources, as well as profile data to identify ranges, sparsity, outliers, cardinality, primary foreign keys, and referential integrity (based on data, not just metadata).”     Requirement for agile and self-service capabilities of the next layer — data hubs: The ability to scan through HDFS files to “automatically identify, profile, and metatag files in HDFS and make them available for analysis and exploration by business analysts.”

A complimentary copy of the report can be downloaded here.

“We believe our inclusion as a data discovery accelerator vendor in Forrester’s Big Data and BI hub-and-spoke BI architecture validates the importance of an automated data inventory to speed up the process of data discovery,” said Alex Gorelik, founder and CEO of Waterline Data. “We’re focused on helping companies find, understand, and govern data without having to explore each file one at a time in a large data lake.”

About Waterline Data

Waterline Data was founded in 2013, and is backed by Menlo Ventures and Sigma West. The inspiration for the name "Waterline" came from the metaphor of the data lake where the data is hidden in the depth of the lake below the waterline. The mission of Waterline Data is to help data engineers and data scientists find the best suited and most trusted data without coding and manual exploration – in other words they should be able to "Hadoop above the waterline." Waterline Data was developed to leverage the power and scalability of Hadoop to automate the inventory of data assets in the data lake and enable self-service with governance, so business users can find and understand the data in a secure and compliant way.

For more information, please visit http://www.waterlinedata.com.

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