We R’ Moms Announces Addition of Free and Private Carpooling Tool

Canyon, California (EastBayDaily) — We R’ Moms announced today, the addition of a free and private carpooling tool on their website. We R’ Moms, a free, online social community of moms, dedicated to helping each other get through their busy days is pleased to announce that they have added a free carpooling tool to their website. This addition enables moms to privately and securely get their children to their myriad of activities. We R’ Moms, realizes that getting your children to their activities can be daunting and at times impossible without help. Whether to school, or to the next soccer event they can help find the right carpool with your friends, neighbors or fellow team member families.

They not only identify potential carpool members, but once scheduled, they’ll notify you where you need to be and who you need to pick up for the day. Carpooling is also a great way to Go Green while saving time and gas. Share the cost of those high gas prices and help the environment. Best of all, kids love carpooling too.

“We R’ Moms is excited to offer this private and secure carpooling option to our members. Moms today, are burdened with too much to squeeze into an already full schedule. Our carpooling tool helps them not only arrange carpools with their friends, but provides many more potential carpooling options in the neighborhood. Sending helpful reminders is another way to help our moms keep their schedule rolling accurately and efficiently,” states Penny Tee, owner of We R’ Moms.

About We R’ Moms: We R’ Moms is an emerging online social community of moms, dedicated to helping each other get through their busy days. We R’ Moms provides a safe place to:      Seek advice from others     Save energy, time and gas by carpooling     Suggest a great activity or vacation spot          Chat with moms     Post photos and videos     Buy from home     Donate to great causes

For more information about We R’ Moms, visit our website at: http://www.wermoms.com or email us at: info(at)wermoms(dot)com. We look forward to meeting you on We R’ Moms.


Penny Tee
We R’ Moms