WebMobi Inc. Announces Commercial Availability and Free Support to Create Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — WebMobi is proud to announce commercial availability of the WebMobi cloud-based cross-platform system for building mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows mobile devices. The new release includes upgraded back-end APIs and services, and now boasts Bronze, Silver, and Gold level accounts. This is in addition to support for our Enterprise customers.

Support Packages Three support levels are available to small and medium businesses, including schools, colleges, and similar organizations:

The Bronze Package includes cloud-based services with mobile-optimized web pages for $25 per month.

The Silver Package includes cloud-based and the ability to build native iPhone applications downloadable via the Apple App Store.

The Gold Package includes all of the above, plus support for native applications on Android, Microsoft Mobile, and Blackberry devices.

WebMobi offers customer services with each package so the process of building apps is not solely relegated on the client. We advise and help build our product apps. We want to ensure that clients are happy with the application they design, and the WebMobi team personally communicates with each client to make sure client needs are satisfied.

Free coaching and information on services is readily available at http://scheduler.webmobi.com. Our coaching service familiarizes users with the myriad features and is a free service for all registered developers.

New Features Appointment scheduling is one of many new features that WebMobi clients have at their disposal. Social media and events pages to organize and update activity information efficiently. Events apps particularly strengthen partner and employee engagement, using CRM technology to enhance management of customer data and employee information.

Forms pages address several different types of needs, creating landing pages, surveys, click to call/email, among others.

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is provided to allow developers at businesses, schools, and colleges to build custom modules specific to their requirements. Examples include customizing the scheduler and connecting to specific back-end services already used by your business or school.

Support for Education Sector WebMobi, Inc. is also proud to announce a growing and loyal client base in the education sector. Mobile apps for schools are secure, reliable ways to ensure effective communication between schools administrators and their student and parent communities.

School administrators compliment WebMobi for the incredibly simple tools for building mobile applications for our administrators, educators, parents, and students. Beta customers have been able to upgrade their applications quickly and easily to support the new features of this commercial release.

New features such as appointment scheduler make arranging conferences quick and easy. Our features work well together — for example, with a Twitter feed, parents can click to see what’s going on at school, and if they need to meet with a teacher regarding any school activity or for their own child’s progress, they can use appointment scheduler to find a day and time the teacher is free and schedule accordingly.

About WebMobi Founded in 2011, WebMobi is a cloud-based SaaS platform that aims to provide its users with a competitive advantage in building-out their mobile presence. With its scalable cross-platform application development and user-friendly interface, WebMobi provides a fully integrated single solution that allows both consumers and enterprises to easily create and deploy customized mobile applications to engage their audiences. For more information, visit http://www.webmobi.com/page/pricing .

For press or licensing inquiries, please contact Maya Gavaskar at +1 888 247 7695 or support (at) webmobi (dot) com.


Sachin Anand
WebMobi Inc.

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