WeMakeItSafer and ConsignmentMommies Partner for Safer Resale

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — To say consignment sale events are sweeping the nation would be an understatement. Spurred by both the economic and environmental benefits of reselling items one no longer needs, there are now over 5,000 seasonal kids consignment events each year.

However, with any type of resale, especially those focused on children’s products, there are risks. The older an item is, the greater the chance that it may have been recalled for safety defects at some point in the past. Couple that with the fact that most parents never hear about recalls on the items they own, and there is potential for unsafe products to make their way into the resale cycle.

WeMakeItSafer and ConsignmentMommies are taking a stand to help drive awareness and a commitment to safer products, not only in the consignment event sale industry, but in all of children’s resale.

Starting today, consignment sale event holders and resale store owners across the nation are being asked to take the Safety Pledge, a promise that they will inform consignors that they must check for recalls, and that they will help educate shoppers about the importance of registering their purchases for future recall alerts.

To make it simple, WeMakeItSafer’s “Recall Search” application and “Items I Own” product registry application are now available in mobile format by visiting WeMakeItSafer.com from any mobile device. These tools make it easy for consignors to check for recalls and shoppers to register purchases with their mobile phones right at the event or store.

In addition, WeMakeItSafer has made online Recall Finders available for free to any resale event or store owner to add to their website or facebook page.

To learn more about Consignment Sale Events, or to find one in your area, visit ConsignmentMommies.com. To take the pledge, visit the Safety Pledge Page at WeMakeItSafer.com

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WeMakeItSafer is a high-tech, social venture that builds applications for consumers, manufacturers and retailers to improve communication around product safety information and recalls. Founded in 2009, WeMakeItSafer makes recall search, product registration and inventory scanning applications available to the public. Since launching its recall applications in 2011, users have checked more than 3 million products for recalls. Follow WeMakeItSafer on Twitter @WeMakeItSafer or become a Facebook fan at facebook.com/WeMakeItSafer


Jennifer Toney