WeMakeItSafer Announces Rewards Program to Encourage Product Registration

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — WeMakeItSafer is announcing a new program called Safety Points Rewards to increase the number of consumers who register their belongings for product recall notifications. The program lets users of “Items I Own,” WeMakeItSafer’s product registration tool, enter a weekly drawing for gifts and prizes. “Items I Own” is free, but to be eligible for the giveaways, users must complete simple tasks that help improve product safety and recall effectiveness.

The company says that thousands of consumers are already using “Items I Own” to check and monitor belongings for recalls, and it hopes the new Safety Points Rewards program will encourage more to do the same, especially during the holidays.

“Over half of our users have discovered that they own a recalled product that was actually recalled an average of 2.6 years prior to checking it in our system,” said WeMakeItSafer CEO, Jennifer Toney. “If we can motivate consumers to enter products immediately upon purchasing them or receiving them as gifts, we can make sure they hear about relevant recalls as soon as they happen, not two years later.”

That ability to contact users directly when there is a safety concern not only decreases the chance that a customer will be injured by a recalled product, it also reduces the need for the recalling company to conduct mass media campaigns, which can be expensive and are largely ineffective.

Manufacturers are now required by law to provide recall-only registration cards and online registration forms for about 20 types of durable infant and toddler goods such as highchairs, cribs and strollers. WeMakeItSafer says that it supports registering products directly with the manufacturer when recall-only registration is available, and it is happy to help companies as they work to comply with these new rules.

“We would also like to see more brands offer recall-only product registration services beyond just those required for infant and toddler goods,” says Toney. “Most of the recalled-products our users have identified in their homes are not durable infant and toddler goods, but rather things like appliances, sporting goods, tools and children’s products that currently do not require registration cards.”

Manufacturers and retailers that would like to increase product-registration or recall-effectiveness rates are urged to contact WeMakeItSafer directly at: Brands [at] WeMakeItSafer [dot] com.

WeMakeItSafer, founded in 2009, is a leading provider of consumer product safety information. Its cutting-edge web applications use sophisticated algorithms and statistical probability analysis, layered with simple interfaces, to help users more easily identify recalled products in their homes or inventory. WeMakeItSafer technology bridges the gaps in communication among consumers, manufacturers and retailers, improving product safety while fostering customer loyalty and respect for responsible brands.


Jennifer Toney