WeMakeItSafer Makes Recalled Product Search Available to Bloggers and Websites

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Those who have visited WeMakeItSafer.com, have undoubtedly used their Recalled Product Search tool. It is a favorite among users and, according to WeMakeItSafer, since its public launch last year, hundreds-of-thousands of visitors have used it to check over 2.5 million products for recalls.

Today, WeMakeItSafer announces that it is making this same, robust Recalled Product Search capability available to other websites and blogs. While the tool looks impressively “techy” on the page, site owners and bloggers will be happy to know that development skills are not required. WeMakeItSafer says, "If you can copy and paste, you can have Recalled Product Search on your site."

“We're really proud of the tool,” says Jennifer P. Toney, WeMakeItSafer’s CEO. “It puts the power of years of research and development in the hands of those who might not otherwise be able to offer such a service to their readers.”

One such website is EncoreBabyRegistry.com, a site where expectant moms can register for hand-me-downs as well as new baby gifts. Felicity Hernandez, the site’s founder, is impressed by the tool. “The functionality of it really is amazing, especially given the complexities of accounting for inconsistencies from the CPSC as well as the unpredictability of how different people's minds work when selecting search terms for their items.”

Several websites have been testing the tool in closed beta. For some, like Encore and KinderCyle, helping their users identify recalled products is key to their business. For sites like Life360, TheSmartMama, Pediatric Safety and KidsInDanger, the tool fits well with their general focus on safety. But even sites that are not directly related to recalls or safety have installed the tool. Best Mom Products is an interview site for mom-entrepreneurs, while Activity Hero helps parents find after-school programs, but both websites have added WeMakeItSafer’s Recalled Product Search tool because they see it as a valuable service for their users.

WeMakeItSafer lists selected websites that install the tool in their new Resource Center, which also launched today. The Resource Center provides WeMakeItSafer visitors, many of whom are new and expecting parents, with information about trusted websites like those mentioned above.

The Recalled Product Search tool is free and can be customized to match any website or blog. Find it in WeMakeItSafer’s new Publisher Tools section, along with several other free, easy-to-install tools for website owners, bloggers and developers.

About WeMakeItSafer WeMakeItSafer is a high-tech venture that builds web applications for consumers, sellers, manufacturers and brands to improve communication around product safety information and recalls. Founded in 2009, WeMakeItSafer’s mission is reduce the number of product-related injuries and deaths by fundamentally changing how consumers and brands connect.

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Jennifer Toney