Western State Design Announces Dexter Coin-Op Laundry Service Schools and New C-Series Machines

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Western State Design (WSD) will be hosting two free Service Schools in California for coin-op laundry owners and managers focusing on maintaining, servicing and optimizing Dexter coin-op laundry machines. The October 21st event will take place at the WSD headquarters in Hayward and the October 23rd event will be held at their Cerritos location, both from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

“These Service Schools are the perfect opportunity for coin-op laundry owners to learn how to maintain their Dexter Laundry equipment and optimize their efficiency so the machines are generating more revenue and serving more customers,” said Todd Hyrn, Director of Operations.

“In an effort to tailor Service Schools to every Dexter machine owner’s needs, each October event will also introduce Dexter’s new C-Series machines and their features. For those that have already purchased the Dexter C-Series washers and dryers, this will be their first opportunity to learn in detail about the new coin-op laundry machines. The rest of our guests will discover what sets the Dexter C-Series apart from other coin-op laundry equipment,” he said.

The Dexter Laundry C-Series was launched in the summer of 2014, to improve both the coin-op laundry customer’s experience and the ability of coin-op managers to operate their laundries more efficiently. C-Series vended washers and dryers are powered by DexterLive controls and come with free access to DexterLive.com, which is Dexter’s new smart coin-op laundry app. Paired together, DexterLive controls and DexterLive.com help coin-op laundry owners customize their equipment to maximize revenue generation and make it easier for owners and managers to track and manager their coin-op business anywhere, anytime, on any device.

With the ability to track and manage the operation of their machines, coin-op laundry owners will be able to offer discounts to customers during normally slow times or days. The new "C" series controls provide coin laundry owners with new revenue and marketing capabilities with customizable wash and dry cycles. And when connected to DexterLive.com, owners can log in anytime to track usage and revenue and manage machines for busy or slow days.

Built to the same high standards as Dexter’s past machines, the C-Series coin-op washers and dryers are available in vended washer, vended stack dryer, and vended stack washer-dryer combinations, to allow for efficient floor space options.

To register for the free Western State Design Service Schools, visit WesternStateDesign.com. — With 40 years experience as a premier, full-service distributor to the coin-op laundry industry, Western State Design has grown to become one of the largest coin laundry equipment distributors in the world. Western State Design is proud to be a Dexter Authorized Distributor, and has been recognized as No. 1 Dexter Distributor Worldwide in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Dexter Laundry located in Fairfield, Iowa, is an employee owned leading manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment. All equipment is manufactured in Iowa. Visit WSD online at http://www.westernstatedesign.com or call toll free at 1-800-633-7153.


Shana Silverman